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What to study in college?


You have just completed your STPM, IGCSE or foundation studies. It is finally time for you to make that important decision that will shape your career in the future. Having to decide on which course to study might not be easy. Choosing one means committing the next 3 or 4 years trying to master the skills and knowledge to excel in that field.

Some of you may already know your aspirations, and some of you might be simply lost. To give you a better idea of what to pursue, let us share with you some of the popular fields of study right here in Malaysia.

1. Health science

You must study hard and be a doctor when you grow up.” This statement is definitely something very familiar to most Asian households. While most only think a career in health science means being a doctor or nurse, there is actually a lot more to it. Studying health science in college means dealing with sciences related to human health, and its practices can be both clinical or non-clinical. Career options and courses include dentistry, pharmacy, dietetics, sports medicine, rehabilitative medicine and more.

2. Accounting

Another popular choice, the field of accounting requires you to record, analyze and report financial transactions in a detailed and orderly manner. In addition to helping companies comply with the law, your work will also help them in making strategic business decisions. Some of these accounting skills may also be transferred to yourself such as managing your own finances.

Getting a job in accounting usually requires you to complete a degree in Accounting. In addition, some colleges also offer professional accounting qualifications such as ACCA, ICAEW and CPA.

3. Culinary Arts

Do you have a knack of whipping up something delicious in the kitchen? Or do you enjoy serving others your best dishes? Being a professional chef comes with its own caveats. Other than learning the skills of food preparation and cooking, you will also get to learn basic skills needed to run a restaurant. You will learn how to plan a budget, come up with your menu, and also basic accounting. The best way of getting yourself started is to attend a culinary academy here in Malaysia.

4. Education

Teaching is a noble profession. Teachers have to take up the responsibility of giving you knowledge, all the while grooming you to be a citizen that contributes to society. On top of that, they have to also deal with cheeky students and parents’ expectations. If that does not deter you from teaching, then you definitely have the passion to succeed in it. Among the first few things you should think about will be the subjects that you want to teach and at what level.

5. Engineering

The field of engineering is where you combine mathematics and science to improve lives. Engineers build, design and improve everything from common household objects to technological innovations. Simply put, they are the ones that make life easier and better for most of us. Engineering is very broad and pursuing a career in it requires you to take a specialized degree in engineering. Regardless if you are going to take civil engineering, mechanical, precision or electronics, your work will be making lives better for society.

These are just some of the more popular courses that are offered by colleges and universities in Malaysia. Taking up a career is not easy, and choosing the right path might not be that straightforward as you think. We hope that the information above can help you out in that important decision of yours.

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