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Unlocking the Power of PVC, PP, & ABS Compounding for India

PVC Compounding with plastic lubricant

In today’s ever-changing production world, selecting the proper plastic material may be a game-changer. Chemplasa, a Malaysia-based plastic lubricant manufacturer specializing in plastic compounding, eliminates the uncertainty for its customers in India.

For those unaware, compounding is mixing a basic plastic resin with numerous additives to produce a material with specified attributes. This gives us fantastic adaptability. Imagine requiring a material for a project in India that can survive the searing summer heat — using compounding; they can modify the plastic to be heat resistant. Conversely, if a flexible component is needed – no problem, they can design a special compound that promotes flexibility.  The choices are enormous; they can even attain custom hues to satisfy design demands.

So, what makes Chemplasa unique, particularly for its customers in India? They concentrate on developing significant ties with their customers, regardless of location. They thoroughly know a client’s project needs in India through open communication and in-depth talks. This in-depth approach permits them to design a unique PVC, PP, or ABS compound that fully corresponds with a client’s concept.

Their team of seasoned engineers has a strong awareness of the unique demands of the Indian market. They remain up-to-date on the newest rules and material trends to guarantee that a client’s completed product meets all compliance criteria. Additionally, their accessible location in Malaysia helps them to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions for their customers from India.

This table would be helpful if you want to showcase the critical differences between PVC, PP, and ABS compounds:


Key Properties

Common Applications in India


* Rigid & Lightweight * Excellent Chemical Resistance * Fire Retardant Options

Pipes & Fittings, Building Materials, Electrical Insulation


* Flexible & Durable * High Chemical Resistance * Good Heat Resistance

Packaging, Textiles, Automotive Parts

ABS * Strong & Impact Resistant * Good Machinability * Available in Various Colors

Electronic Casings, Toys, Appliance Parts

Whether a customer is a seasoned manufacturer or just starting in India, the PVC compound manufacturer, Chemplasa, is the only trusted source to improve your PVC compounding, PP compounding, and ABS compounding conditions. They provide a broad choice of pre-formulated chemicals, including Ethylene Bis Oleamide (EBO) and Ethylene Bis Stearamide (EBS). Contact Chemplasa now to discuss a project and uncover a world of plastic possibilities for industrial initiatives in India!


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