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Suan Huat: Petaling Jaya’s One-Stop Auto Parts Store

Reliable components are necessary to keep your automobile operating properly. Suan Huat car Supply (P.J) Sdn Bhd has made a name for itself in Petaling Jaya as a reliable supplier for all your auto parts supplies.

Numerous Auto Spare Parts Available Under One Roof

They can accommodate both experienced mechanics and do-it-yourself enthusiasts, offering everything you need. They have a huge selection of auto replacement parts in their inventory, which includes:

  • Engine parts: belts, filters, spark plugs, and more.
  • Brakes and suspension: rotors, shock absorbers, struts, and pads.
  • Electrical and lighting components include fuses, batteries, and head and tail lights.
  • Body components: bumpers, outside trim, and mirrors.

Are You Seeking for a Certain Part? Suan Huat Is Here To Help.

Suan Huat is aware that sometimes components for a certain automobile model are needed. They accommodate different car makes and models as a result. They also specialise in providing a wide range of original Mercedes components. By doing this, you can be confident that the components you buy are made according to your Mercedes-Benz’s requirements, ensuring both safety and maximum performance.

More Than Components: Knowledge and Client Support

The company also offers more than just components. Their team of well-informed employees has a wealth of automotive industry expertise. They will gladly respond to your inquiries, suggest appropriate components for your car, and even provide advice on minor fixes.

Excellent Service and a Convenient Location

This company is ideally located in Petaling Jaya, provides motorists with simple access to the surrounding region. They guarantee a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience with their dedication to customer service.

Suan Huat Can Help You Keep Your Car Running Like New

They are the only place in Petaling Jaya you need for all your car parts requirements. Their wide range of OEM Mercedes parts, attentive personnel, and commitment to providing excellent customer service make them your one-stop car spare parts shop for maintaining your vehicle. Come see them now to see what makes Suan Huat unique!

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