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Liftech Engineering: Bridging Gaps and Soaring Skills in Malaysia

top-notch dock levellers and comprehensive overhead crane training

Liftech Engineering (KL) Sdn Bhd isn’t just a company; it’s a bridge between efficient loading and skilled operation. In the bustling landscape of Malaysian industry, Liftech stands out as a dual powerhouse, offering top-notch dock levellers and comprehensive overhead crane training.

Dock Levellers: Bridging the Gap Between Trucks and Warehouses

Imagine a seamless transition between trucks and warehouses, where loading and unloading become effortless dances. That’s the magic of Liftech’s dock levellers. These sturdy platforms bridge the gap between varying truck bed heights and warehouse floors, ensuring smooth material movement and minimizing the risk of accidents.

Liftech offers a diverse range of dock levellers to cater to every need. Their portfolio boasts solutions for any cargo type and warehouse configuration, from hydraulic and mechanical models to telescopic and super dock levellers. Each leveller is built with precision and durability, ensuring years of reliable service and maximizing efficiency in your operations.

Overhead Crane Training: Soaring to New Heights of Safety and Skill

Operating an overhead crane is no small feat. It demands precision, knowledge, and unwavering safety awareness. Liftech understands this, and that’s why their overhead crane training programs are designed to empower your workforce.

Led by experienced instructors and adhering to the strictest safety standards, Liftech’s training equips operators with the skills and knowledge to navigate the complexities of crane operation. From theoretical understanding to practical exercises, their program covers everything from load handling and rigging techniques to emergency procedures and maintenance protocols.

By investing in Liftech’s training, you’re not just ensuring the safety of your employees and equipment; you’re also boosting productivity and minimizing downtime. A skilled crane operator is a valuable asset, and Liftech helps you unlock that potential.

Liftech: A Complete Solution for Malaysian Industry

Liftech Engineering (KL) Sdn Bhd isn’t just about selling products and building partnerships. By offering top-notch dock levellers and comprehensive crane training, they provide a complete solution for Malaysian businesses seeking to streamline their operations and elevate their safety standards.

So, whether you’re looking to bridge the gap between trucks and warehouses or empower your workforce with expert crane skills, Liftech Engineering is your one-stop shop. With their commitment to quality, safety, and efficiency, they’re helping Malaysian businesses soar to new heights.


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