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Gluten-Free Italian Paradise: Best Private Dining in Damansara Height, Malaysia

Gluten free Italian food

Step into an intimate Tuscan villa, bathed in warm Italian light, at Pomodoro in Damansara Heights. Laughter echoes as you gather around a private table in our dedicated gluten-free Italian food haven, sharing antipasti platters piled high with classic bruschetta. Juicy marinated tomatoes dance with fragrant basil, each bite a burst of sun-kissed flavor. Handmade gluten-free baguettes (best pre-ordered for that perfect crisp!) stand ready for dipping in virgin olive oil or savoring with every morsel. 

Gluten Free Italian Food - baguette

But the magic truly unfolds when the pasta arrives. Imagine handmade gluten-free spaghetti, silky smooth and perfectly al dente, twirling around your fork in a vibrant Pomodoro sauce, its sweetness singing on your palate. Or picture gluten-free penne, nestled in a creamy carbonara sauce, every bite a luxurious celebration. No matter your choice, Pomodoro’s passion for authentic Italian flavor shines through. 

Gluten free pasta

And then, there’s pizza. Crispy-crusted gluten-free pizzas, emerging from the wood-fired oven, beckon with their aroma. Whether you crave the simplicity of Margherita or the indulgence of a four-cheese symphony, Pomodoro’s fresh toppings and perfectly balanced crusts guarantee a slice of heaven. 

Gluten free pasta

For those seeking a touch of elegant grandeur, Pomodoro also offers a refined fine dining private room, available for larger gatherings or special occasions. Savor an exquisite à la carte menu featuring premium ingredients and impeccable presentation, paired with an extensive wine list. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, hosting a corporate event, or simply indulging in a luxurious evening, our fine dining room promises an unforgettable experience. 

So, escape the ordinary and embrace the gusto! Book your private dining experience at Pomodoro today and rediscover the joy of Italian feasts, gluten-free or fine-dining style. From classic bruschetta to pasta perfection and pizza heaven, your unforgettable escape awaits in the heart of Damansara Heights. So, don’t wait! Book your table at Pomodoro today and discover their authentic Italian food now!


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