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From Fish Balls to Frozen Feasts: MIMI Fuels Malaysian Flavors

Wholesale frozen food by Malaysia's suppliers

Craving the springy perfection of a fish ball, a cornerstone of Malaysian cuisine? Or seeking the convenience of a freezer stocked with delectable frozen food treasures? MIMI, a prominent fish ball manufacturer in Malaysia, has you covered.

MIMI was established in 2004 and they have earned a reputation for crafting exceptional fish balls using the freshest catches, guaranteeing a burst of flavour in every bite. But MIMI’s magic extends beyond seafood. They’re also a leading wholesale fish ball and frozen food supplier, offering a vibrant medley of fish balls and frozen food.

Whether you’re a restaurateur seeking the perfect protein partner for your signature dishes or a home cook yearning for culinary convenience, MIMI caters to every palate and dietary need. Their extensive selection spans from classic fish balls, dumplings, yong tau foo, and fish cake to ensure everyone can savour a taste of Malaysia.

As a trusted wholesale frozen food supplier, MIMI understands the importance of a seamless supply chain. They work closely with distributors and businesses throughout Malaysia, guaranteeing a steady flow of deliciousness to restaurants and supermarkets nationwide.

So, remember MIMI next time you’re dreaming up your next culinary masterpiece. They’re not just fish ball aficionados; they’re your partners in crafting unforgettable frozen food experiences. Let’s elevate your frozen food by partnering with a trusted frozen food and fish ball manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia.



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