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Find the Ideal Fit with Seremban Landed Houses

Many are drawn to the charms of a landed property, which include roomy living quarters, private gardens, and a feeling of community. Look no farther if Seremban is your ideal place! Sunrise Mcl Land has an enticing assortment of landed houses to fit your family’s demands and budget, offering both three- and two-story alternatives.

Stepping into Spacious Comfort

The  3-storey home gives abundant living space, excellent for expanding families or people who prefer a feeling of separation between living spaces and bedrooms. Imagine dedicated entertainment areas, pleasant corners for leisure, and huge bedrooms, all inside your own private paradise.

Double Storey Charm: A Classic Choice

Double-storey residences have a timeless charm. Sunrise Mcl Land’s collection has well-designed layouts that enhance efficiency without sacrificing on beauty. Enjoy the ease of having primary living spaces on the ground level and bedrooms tucked above, providing a pleasant and practical living environment.

Affordability Meets Aspiration

We recognize that choosing the ideal house means matching your objectives with budgetary constraints. Sunrise Mcl Land is devoted to providing a varied choice of landed housing alternatives at moderate pricing in Seremban. Explore the listings and locate a house that fits your desires without exceeding your budget.

Beyond the Walls: Your Seremban Lifestyle Awaits

Seremban itself provides a multitude of attractions. From exciting cultural activities to historical sites and contemporary conveniences, the city offers a dynamic background for your life in a landed property. Enjoy the advantages of a close-knit neighborhood, outstanding schools, and quick access to all you need.

Start Your Seremban Landed House Journey

Get ready to explore the possibilities of becoming an owner of a landed house in Seremban! Sunrise Mcl Land is always happy to help you. Contact them today! to discuss your selections and preference in our portfolio of beautiful 3-storey and double-storey house prices in Malaysia. Let them help you by finding your perfect fit and turn your dream of a landed house to reality.

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