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Don’t Hit the Brakes on Car Maintenance

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There is so much advice people have to offer, and the one you must absolutely adhere to is to regularly service and maintain your car. This is because you need to make sure everything is running smoothly before you hit the road. By sticking to a schedule, you will be able to catch on to any small issues that may end up becoming a black hole in the end. 

On top of that, it saves you time and a lot of money down the road. For instance, the oil might need changing, the breaks, rotating tires, or even the topping up fluids. Now, while this may seem like a small detail that is constantly overlooked, it is extremely important to keep up with your car maintenance periodically. It also helps you be safer on the road because it reduces the chances of breakdowns or accidents. 

With introductions out of the way, let us dive into the BMW workshop in Shah Alam. Though their expertise is with BMW cars, they could also be your go-to spot for keeping any of your luxury cars in their best condition. Is it a routine maintenance or fixing issues you’re looking for, no worries, this workshop will be the best you’ve ever encountered. It is also conveniently located in Shah Alam, making it easy to access for individuals living in the area. 

Importance of Regular Car Maintenance

Optimal Performance

Though it is impossible to revert your car to its original form to the time when you’ve first purchased them, it is possible to preserve its performance. Regular maintenance will help your car run smoothly and efficiently so that you can drive with a peace of mind. 

Prevents Costly Repairs

The lot of us who have gone to repair our cars know how much debt car repairs can put us into. It would end up becoming more than a headache if you do not take your car for regular maintenance. This is why you need to address minor issues early throughout regular maintenance to prevent them from turning into major and expensive problems later on. 


For safety issues, you might also want to conduct regular car maintenance. This is due to the fact that vehicles that are well-maintained are safer to drive and are less likely to experience unexpected breakdowns or failures that could lead to accidents. Car services and maintenance will ensure that everything from A to Z related to your car is working fine so that you can be protected when unprecedented accidents occur. 


Just like how the human bodies need regular exercise and check-ups to keep us healthy, a luxury car maintenance will extend its lifespan. This allows you to enjoy it for the years to come. Your car may surprisingly even outlive the older generation if you’ve noticed that old model cars that you pass by on the road are still working fine.

Maintains Resale Value

Do you have thoughts of selling your car one day? You might want to pay close attention to this. A documented history of regular maintenance can improve the resale value of your vehicle. This ultimately becomes a more attractive option for potential buyers. That is, however, if you have such thoughts. But then again, even if you aren’t a car enthusiast, do take care of your vehicle. 

What Happens When You Neglect Your Car?

Decreased Performance

Now here lies some of the reasons as to what would potentially happen if you were to neglect your car too much. Firstly, you can expect it to decrease in performance levels. At this point, there is no turning back and may be difficult to recover its rigor it once possessed. 

Constant neglecting its maintenance will lead to a decline in its performance such as sluggish acceleration, reduced fuel efficiency, and thus you will have to endure an overall poorer driving experience. 

Increased Risk of Breakdowns

One of the things we’re most afraid of is car breakdowns. We don’t know if this applies to everyone but the thought of causing congested traffic because of negligence gives us anxiety. In short, skipping maintenance on a regular basis will increase your likelihood of unexpected breakdowns. Truth be told, we all want to avoid that. It may leave you stranded on the side of the road, adding onto inconvenience and frustration. 

Safety Compromises

You know how scary an accident could be right? There are both major and minor accidents but what if you were to be involved in one of them? It would most definitely scar and traumatize you. After that happens, you might not have the guts to drive again because of your fear. Have we scared you enough? 

We hope so. This is because we want to spread awareness that neglected maintenance will compromise safety features such as the brakes, tires, and lights that may increase the risk of accidents or collisions on the road. 

Costly Repairs

Want to save your bank account? Listen to advice. That’s the only thing that helps. If you continue to ignore that regular maintenance your car has been screaming at you to get, you’re digging yourself a 6-foot deep hole. This will often lead to small issues escalating into major problems that may result in expensive repairs that could have been avoided in the early stages where you provide your vehicle with timely attention. 

Legal Consequences

We don’t know where you’re from, but we do know that where we’re from, there is a need for our vehicles to engage in regular car services and maintenance. This is because it may lead to a violation of safety regulations that could result in fines or penalties, not to mention potential legal liabilities in the event of an accident caused by mechanical failure due to negligence. On top of that, it will make you spend even more money on something that could have been avoided in the first place. 

We want the best for you and that’s why we have decided to stop gatekeeping. This BMW workshop in Shah Alam will provide you answers with your car problems. Check them out to achieve a safer driving experience!

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