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Catering for Success: Corporate & Event Solutions by Citarasa Uniq

A successful event relies on a lot of aspects, including catering, among many other considerations. Renowned Malaysian caterer Citarasa Uniq Sdn Bhd offers top-notch corporate catering services to make your gatherings even more memorable.

Personalized Menus for Every Occasion

Organising a social event or business gathering? Our specialty is creating custom event catering meals that fit any budget and occasion.  Citarasa Uniq meets your unique demands for anything from professional business meetings to joyous team meals.

  • Business Meetings & Conferences
    • Wow customers and coworkers with polished box lunches, sophisticated buffets, or plated dinners that highlight traditional fare or creative culinary inventions.
  • Team Lunches & Dinners
    • Celebrate your team’s success with a wonderful catered lunch or a multicultural supper that will stoke camaraderie.
  • Social Gatherings & Celebrations
    • For business picnics, holiday parties, or milestone accomplishments, create a celebratory mood with themed meals.

Elevate Your Event with Canapés

Elevate your gathering with a delicious assortment of canapés! For cocktail parties, product launches, and networking events, our canape buffet menus make a great choice.  These little treats entice the senses and elevate your occasion with a sophisticated touch.

  • Canapés Options
    • They can accommodate all dietary needs with their extensive assortment of canape alternatives, which range from little appetisers with cosmopolitan flavours to vegetarian and gluten-free options.
  • Our canapés’ appearance is just as stunning as their flavour
    • They are artfully organised and visually pleasing, lending a sophisticated touch to your gathering.

Why should you use Citarasa Uniq to cater your next business meeting or special occasion?

Extensive Menu OptionsThey provide a wide range of cuisines, including vegetarian alternatives, foreign delicacies, and local favourites.
CustomizationCitarasa Uniq collaborates closely with you to design a menu that suits your theme, tastes, and dietary requirements.
Fresh & High-Quality IngredientsFor a tasty and fulfilling eating experience, they only utilise the freshest ingredients.
Professional ServicesTheir knowledgeable staff guarantees flawless service throughout your event, giving you more time to concentrate on creating lasting memories.
Competitive PricingCitarasa Uniq provides affordable prices that are competitive.

Are you prepared to wow your guests with the best catered event ever? Please give Citarasa Uniq Sdn Bhd a call without delay. Making an appointment with their culinary experts will yield a catering package that reflects your intended results, ensuring that your event is not only successful but also memorable.

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