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Boost Your Group: Leading Malaysian Training Provider

Investing in staff development is essential in the competitive world of today. Leading Malaysian training company ATCEN Sdn Bhd enables companies to realize the full potential of their personnel. They provide a wide variety of programmes, such as:

Mastering Leadership with John Maxwell

Renowned guru John Maxwell leadership has given many people the skills they need to become great leaders.  As a licenced partner, ATCEN is pleased to provide life-changing leadership development programmes for John Maxwell.

Participants in these programmes get the information and abilities need to:

  • Create a captivating vision
    • Motivate your group by outlining a distinct future direction.
  • Motivate and empowering
    • Encourage and enable others by fostering a high-performance and engaged culture.
  • Effective communication
    • Send messages that are powerful and clear.
  • Create enduring connections
    • Encourage cooperation and trust among your team members.

Change Your Contact Centre

In the digital era of today, contact centres are essential to the consumer experience. ATCEN provides customized contact centre training courses that will provide your staff the abilities to:

  • Provide outstanding client support
    • At every encounter, surpass the expectations of the consumer.
  • Proficiency in communication techniques
    • Engage in active listening, provide efficient problem-solving, and establish connection with clients.
  • Handle difficult situations
    •  Learn how to defuse situations and remain composed when things go tough.
  • Make good use of technology
    •  Utilise contact centre technologies and software to improve customer service and expedite processes.

Beyond the Fundamentals

ATCEN provides a wide range of training courses outside of contact centres and leadership. They can customise programmes to meet your unique requirements, addressing topics such as:

  • Sales Techniques
    • Give your team the tools they need to reach their goals and close more business.
  • Develop soft skills
    • to improve problem-solving, collaboration, and communication inside your company.
  • Compliance training
    • Ensuring staffs to make sure they are knowledgeable about current laws and industry norms.

Put Money Into Your Future

An empowered and well-trained staff makes an organisation more successful, engaged, and productive. Join together with ATCEN, your go-to training provider in Malaysia, to help your team reach its full potential. Get in touch with ATCEN right now to schedule a free consultation and see how their training courses may help you grow your company.

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