Work & Fun At CO3 Shared Office Space

CO3 is considered as one of the coolest office space to work at which is located in Malaysia. It is located in the center of Puchong where everyone works like they are working in the office of Google.

Who does not look up to a Google workspace? Everyone wants to be a part of it since it is so attractive and feasible for the staff members.

The social office of CO3 has the same vision to provide access to the staff having offices like Google. By June 2017, the office was ready for the people to work and collaborate in the best way possible.  It is a co-working space which leads to opening doors for the world.

It is one of the leading offices around the world and does not seem to stop anywhere sooner. The core of this working space is known to be building community through connectivity and collaboration.

The reason behind CO3 is the three CO’s attached to the core of the working space. Everyone such as startups, SMEs, entrepreneurs, and big corporations are a part of this working space. They look up to a Google workspace.

It brings fun to work with matching the personalities of different people getting along. The teams built up and have the spirit which is not seen anywhere else.


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The Coolest Shared Office Space In Malaysia


Co-Working Space at CO3

Some of the great benefits for working at CO3 are as followings.


1. Access For 24/7

It has the access for the staff 24/7. It is never closed so even if you want to stay in the office during night time, it is open for you.


2. Unlimited Wi-Fi Connection

It has free Wi-Fi access for all the people who are working together. Along with that, there are mutual events for the organizations to take part. They work together to make the best out of it through suggestions and help.


3. Business Meeting Rooms

There are business meeting rooms of various sizes so you can have personal or business meetings with your teams. It helps you generate new ideas and build strong communication.


4. Library

It has a great library where you can access any book related to your profession. Find the relevancy and data regarding your business or any area which you are looking for.


5. Sleeping Pods And Arcades

There are arcade rooms along with sleeping pod for the people who do not wish to go home for a long time. They like to work all the time with getting little naps. There is no maintenance fee included, so you do not have to worry about it.


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CO3 is located near the IOI Mall Puchong so you can surely drop by and see how it works if you do not believe that there is such office which exists. Come together at one place to grow with the successful and startups to help to learn something new every day. There are endless opportunities with CO3 as you can collaborate with different people at one time. Lead yourself towards future through collaboration and inspiring workspace.


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