Why You Need A Food Processor

oatmeal on white bowl beside yellow bananaWhat is a food processor? A food processor is an appliance that can help you with food preparation. A food processor acts as a blender, food grinder, juicer, mixer, or slicer. It is used for chopping, mincing, shredding, and cutting. They are quite useful for small tasks in the kitchen. Here is everything you need to know about food processor Malaysia.

Who should get a food processor?

In general, a food processor is the perfect kitchen appliance for individuals who regularly cook at home. A food processor is useful for ingredients that need preparation.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Food Processor

Although a food processor is meant to give someone a better cooking experience, users may find some drawbacks when using a food processor. Here we will discuss its advantages and disadvantages


A food processor makes difficult tasks in the kitchen easier. When it comes to processing food that is difficult to accomplish by hand such as making chilli paste or whipping cream. A food processor speeds up this process and eliminating lengthy kitchen work.

Food processors come in smaller sizes, which makes this feature an advantage if they are looking for a compact food processor for easy portability.


A food processor can be fairly noisy and can be harmful to the eardrums if constantly exposed. It can also cause noise disturbances to neighbours and unpleasantness.

Food processors lack refined control over processing speed. The product may be processed too finely, or without being able to meet a certain standard.

Where can I get a food processor in Malaysia?

There are many ways to obtain food processors in Malaysia. A common way would be for customers to purchase food processors online, or from physical appliance stores. Both physical and online stores are able to provide a variety of food processors that will fit your cooking needs.

Another common way to get a food processor is to purchase it second hand from community groups that are selling unwanted items. A big advantage of this is the ability to get food processors at a lower price due to their resell value.

If you are interested in getting a food processor, do not hesitate to reach out to us and find out more!