Why You Need to Advertise Your Business & How You Can Advertise Effectively

What role advertising plays in benefiting the business doesn’t matter how big or small is the business? Here you will find the perfect answer to the above question.

Advertising a business helps to attract new customers and existing customers which leads in scaling your business and its sales. Advertisements are the most reliable and effective way of boosting a business.

It helps to give an idea of your product or business to the customers which will build trust and helps them to stay with you for a longer period.


Why Do You Need To Advertise Your Business?

There was a time when there were few businesses so the competition was not huge. They didn’t need to worry about attracting customers and sell products. But today, time is changed and many advertising agency businesses in Malaysia are present in the market to compete, where branding & positioning in the market often decide the success & failure of your business.

So it is necessary to attract new and existing customers to scaling your business. It is important for customers to know about your business and products for building trust.


Here Are The Benefits Of Advertising Your Business

1. Product Awareness

Every customer will buy the product which he knows about. So it is important to make aware the customers about your product and it is only possible through advertisements.

The advertisement will help you to provide a full description of the product or business. It will help customers to build trust in your company. If you look at the top companies, they spend a huge amount on advertisements for good sales and scaling their business.

2. Large Target

In back days small business only had to target a small area, but today they can target large areas through the online platform such as social media, e-commerce etc. In all these platforms it is important to make people see your advertisements and become your loyal customers.

3. Compete in the Market

Advertisements help to fight with your completion in the market and to stay alive in the market. Through ads, you can come out with unique and attractive offers for your customers to increase your sales and beat the competition. Regular advertisements benefit the business to gain trust in their existing and new customers.

4. Launch New Products

For every product, a good launch is important for its success in the market whether it is a movie or electronics. Advertisement plays a crucial role in the success of every product. Whatever the customer will see attractive that only he/she will purchase.

5. Large Sales

In every business, it is important to maintain and gain new customers every month for the survival of their business and it becomes difficult to gain new customers if you only depend on the organic customer flow. But through advertisements, your business can be able to reach new customers and new opportunities for the business.


Offline Advertising for Business Growth

Here Are The Different Ways Of Advertising Which Will Benefit Your Business

Advertisements can be done through many ways let it be through the newspaper, pamphlets, television ads, social media marketing, online ads etc.

The most effective way of advertisement is through mouth publicity. If your customers are happy with your service or product then definitely they will tell their acquaintances which will lead to new customers.

1. Newspaper

Even in the era of technology people likes to read newspapers every morning and it is still the best source for your business. Through a newspaper, you can reach a large circle.

2. Television Ads

Television is the most effective way of advertisement for your business as the reach of television is so huge and the more people will see your ads the more will turn into loyal customers. However, the cost of television ads will be expensive for small business.

3. Social Media

Social media is the place where most of the people spend their time today and many companies have realized the potential of social platforms and started targeting customers through ads campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and others. One of the advertising company in Malaysia is CreativeParamedics. The cost of advertising on these platforms is less and have a great impact to drive customers to your business.

4. Google Ads

Today Google search is the number one search engine in the world and millions of people search for services and products on Google. So running ads on Google will definitely drive good traffic to your business and the best part is you will only pay for the number of visitors not for hour bases which will cost you less than others.

If anyone will search for a product or service and you are providing the same which is being searched then through ads your business will be on the top result and through surveys, it is revealed that 90% audience clicks on the first link. So this will drive you, good customers.


Case Study

Many small, as well as big companies, run their ads for driving targeted ads to their business. For your information, there are some of top advertising company in Malaysia. One of it is CreativeParamedics. Through advertisements, you don’t have to hire a salesperson for demonstrating the products which are a very slow process and costly to hire huge sales employs.

Let’s see one example. There are two shop owners, one is Jack and other Alex. They both do the business of electronic products. Jack believes that the quality of the product is enough for customer growth. He doesn’t do any type of advertisement for his products or offers. He is fully dependent on the salesperson to bring customers. In few years jack business has scaled down as he is not getting enough customers through organic reach.

On the other hand, Alex advertises his shop on television and also through newspapers. He comes up with new and attractive offers and does their advertisements which result in huge customer flow in his shop. Even though he spends some amount of doing ads then also he makes the huge profit.

The more attractive will be the ads the more customer will come in the shop. Now he has beaten Jack in market competition through the power of advertisements. Through ads, the reputation of Alex’s shop was increased then Jack’s shop.

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