What’s So Magical About The PDRN Treatment (Plinest Polynucleotide)?

It is believed that many people who have extreme requirements for the skin have learned about the skin care methods in the field of medical beauty, such as the baby needles, PDRN injection, plinest polynucleotide treatment and other familiar names.

What is helpful to us in our skin care journey? What exactly does this do to the skin? This is our biggest question, and today we will explore what effect PDRN injection has on the skin.


What is a PDRN Treatment?

PDRN Treatment is a professional skin repair agent from Korea. Its main ingredient, c-PDRN, is a specific-sized DNA fragment extracted from the germ cells of salmon. 

The functional ingredients are delivered into the deep layer of the skin using vacuum negative pressure technology or micro-needle technology, stimulating self-regeneration and restoring the health of damaged and aging skin; thus, it is also known as a skin booster injection.


The Effect of PDRN Skin Booster Injection

People with sensitive or thin skin can accept this plinest treatment. Plinest can make the skin firm and healthy, reduce pores, and tighten the skin. After the operation, you can live a normal life the next day, with the naturalness of discovery.

The PDRN skin booster injection can effectively improve the superficial pigment of the skin epidermis and the deep pigment of the skin dermis, and can improve the skin repair and regeneration ability, improve the skin tone and enhance the skin softness.


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