What Is An Interior Design Package in Malaysia?

An interior design package in Malaysia is a package provided to property owners who are looking to redesign or refurbish their houses. Some renovation and interior design companies in Selangor also provide furniture to accompany the property as well. One of the most popular furniture designs used today is minimalist furniture in Malaysia. Sounds interesting? Keep reading below to what else is commonly included in an interior design package in Malaysia


Renovation Contractor Packages

These days, interior design packages also commonly include renovation contractor package. This means the package offered includes both design and renovation services. This is valuable to people, especially property investors and landlords alike, who want to rent out their property to others to earn passive income. 

Having a renovation contractor package is a good thing. This is because it allows you as the consumer to hire the same company to complete your renovation and design works, so you won’t have to waste time and look for another renovation contractor. There are many interior design companies in Selangor that offer such packages, we will introduce you to our favourite company later below. 

Sometimes, an interior design contractor will even provide you with more affordable or cheaper fees for your renovation costs. This is because you are already hiring them for both services, renovation and design.


Minimalist Furniture in Malaysia

 As mentioned earlier above, some companies offer interior design packages that also come with furniture. If you want to renovate your house and also get minimalist furniture in Malaysia, you can check out OMG Free Reno. 

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