What is a freight forwarder?

A freight forwarder is a logistics intermediary that provides transportation services for businesses that require the shipping of goods or cargo including warehousing and distribution. A freight forwarding company tends to every single transportation aspect a cargo will undergo starting from the manufacturer or producer all the way to a specific market, customer, or a final point of distribution.

A forwarder does not necessarily transport the cargo themselves, but are the experts in the logistics field so they are well equipped to help businesses liaise with various carriers on the variety of shipping modes. They also establish the most economical, reliable, and fastest route a cargo can take while negotiating on the transport price. For example, the freight forwarder may arrange to have the cargo moved from a manufacturing plant to an airport by lorry, flown to the destination city, and then finally moved from the airport to the final point of destination by another lorry, all while maintaining the lowest price possible for their customers!


Do you really need a freight forwarder?

The process of import, export, and transportation can prove to be very tricky business considering how there are different treaties governing international trade as well as a variety of different import or export restrictions. Without the proper expertise or knowledge on international and domestic trade, one can easily make mistakes that may result in delays, penalties, or even the loss of reputation. That is why it is absolutely necessary for businesses to partner with a global logistics company to act as the first point of contact with both customs authorities and the receiving customers to ensure the clearing of goods through customs barriers. This practice is known as custom brokerage and may also involve the preparation of all necessary documents, including the accurate calculation and payment of excises, duties, and taxes.


Will your cargo be safe with freight forwarders?

Rest assured as most freight forwarders in Malaysia offer exceptional security and a comprehensive set of safety measures for their customer’s cargo to ensure it arrives on time and in perfect condition. On some occasions, insurance packages may be employed such as marine insurance or air cargo insurance. In addition to ensuring reliability and assurance, freight forwarders also provide tracking systems that allow customers to regularly get real-time updates on the current status of their cargo shipments.