Types of Industrial Ovens and Its Uses

Industrial ovens are heating chambers used for various industrial applications. Generally, industrial furnaces process raw materials at very high temperatures for heat treatment.

Special applications for industrial ovens include food manufacturing, chemical processing, and even the electronics industry. Let us share with you some common industrial ovens in Malaysia and their applications.

Curing Oven

Curing is the process of heat treatment used to speed up chemical reactions. The oven carries out this process by activating this reaction by heating the raw material to a certain temperature. Industrial curing ovens in Malaysia are used for curing are used in various applications of raw materials such as coatings, adhesives and rubber.

Dry Oven

Drying oven is used to remove water from the raw material found in it. The oven of this industry goes through a three-step process. The first is heating, which heats the material to the temperature required to remove water within a specified period. The next step is immersion. Here, the material is “soaked” in heat for a certain period of time. Finally, the oven has a cooling level that allows hot air to come out of the oven and introduce cooler ambient air. Drying ovens can also be used for sterilization, experimental incubation of temperature sensitivity, and temperature testing.


The batch furnace can perform various heat treatment processes such as hardening, drying, aging and quenching. Batch furnaces are used when the same heat treatment process needs to be done at different times, or when the raw materials to be processed differ from each other. Raw materials can be stored in trolleys, shelves, or trucks in industrial furnaces, depending on production requirements. It can also be loaded manually or automatically, if desired.

Continuous Ovens

Continuous ovens can perform a variety of different heat treatment processes. This type of oven guarantees consistent results and fast processing time. They are selected for the mass production of the same raw material in a continuous heat treatment process. Continuous ovens often have separate heating and cooling chambers, which speed up the heat treatment process without having to wait for a cold chamber.

GSE Industrial Ovens

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