Travel Hacks Before Going For Cit. Travel Muslim Tours

Offering a wide range of Muslim tour packages and deals for the best Muslim-friendly holiday destinations, Corporate Information Travel (CIT) is the leading Islamic and Muslim tour and travel agency in Malaysia – serving you convenience every step of the way.

Always fulfilling one’s expectations and satisfactions, CIT will ensure all of your unnecessary hassle are taken care of with their Muslim travel packages, covering all your needs for the best Islamic holiday destinations wherever it may be.

As the leading Muslim and Islamic travel agency in Malaysia with various Muslim-friendly packages to choose from, you will achiever the best Muslim holiday at your desired destinations as you savour the best Halal delicacies all while visiting prominent Islamic historical sites. CIT will also ease your worries for Halal meals when overseas as their intricate and carefully designed Muslim travel itineraries will also be mindful of each daily prayer times.

But before you embark on any vacation with any Muslim and Islamic travel agencies, it is always helpful to prepare yourself beforehand with a few travel hacks to make your experience more worthwhile. Below are some easy peasy travel hacks before going for any CIT Travel Muslim tours.

Always be prepared for a rainy day

Be it rain or shine, you can never predict your circumstances or the series of unfortunate events you may encounter. So always be sure to bring an extra set of prayer garments as accidents can happen and you spill your coffee or lose it during your flight. Purchasing a new one, especially when you are in a Western country can be quite a hassle to undertake so it’s best to bring along an extra set or two. Better be safe than sorry after all.

Accommodations with an iron

Frankly speaking, for Muslim women donning a hijab, most likely you would need to make sure your scarf is properly ironed before stepping out of the door. Be it for a good photo opportunity or to simply wanting to look your utmost best, everyone desires wrinkle-free attires, especially when you are travelling. Especially those on a business trip, it is not appropriate to attend a meeting with wrinkly shirts or scarves. So be sure to inform us or your travel agency of this personal preference and we will do our best to accommodate your every need, including ensuring that the hotel or Airbnb provides iron for your convenience.

Let the mosque be your compass

When you are in a foreign country or overseas, it is wise to use the mosque in the area as a one-stop information guide for there is no better way to be informed about the best and worthy Muslim-friendly options within the area. Normally, the locals and mosque-goers will be ever so friendly and accommodating when you seek their help, be it information on the best food or directions. If you are lucky, you may even make some lifelong friends in the process.

We hope these hacks are useful before going on a vacation with a Muslim travel and tour agency. Making them the best Islamic travel agency in Malaysia, CIT’s experience and expertise in managing Muslim tour packages are worry-free and trusted by many.