Top Places For Special Dining in Kuala Lumpur With Your Loves

There are many places to dine in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. People visit from all around the world to Malaysia whether it is their personal or business trip.

You have to plan ahead of time when you are traveling somewhere regarding the stay and especially the food. If you have to celebrate your wedding anniversary, the first place which comes to mind is Malaysia because of its immense beauty.

Along with that, it is a great place to impress your business clients/partners when you meet them at some of the amazing dining places.

Your impression comes out as positive to them with creating good relationships between two parties. Here are some of the special dining places in Kuala Lumpur for you to visit for amazing ambiance and food.


Dining in the Dark KL


1. Dining in the Dark, KL

The location of this restaurant is in the middle of the city. If you want to enjoy a remarkable experience, then this is your place.

You can discover various cuisines at this place with a variety of menu options. The ambiance is comfortable with the theme of darkness.

You will not get bored at this place for sure as it is one of the unique restaurants in KL, Malaysia. Let’s visit Dining in the Dark, KL and make table reservation now.


Opium KL


2. Opium

You will find the best Asian food in Opium KL restaurant. If you wish to have a bar and restaurant together, then you must visit this place with your colleagues or family.

The ambiance is filled with old artifacts along with Chinese pots to enhance beauty. There are opium pipes which make it look mesmerizing as you enter the restaurant.

The quality of food is amazing to enjoy whether you are there for a family trip or business meeting.


The Rum Bar KL


3. Rum Bar

For the western side of the world, this restaurant is a blessing. There are best western cuisines available with best bars around KL, Malaysian.

You can enjoy everything from classic to modern at this restaurant. There is also adventure with rum and tapas mixture which people love to try when they are in KL.

You will be able to find every type of food from Mexican to American flavors which will be admired for sure.


4. EL Cerdo Restaurant

You will be able to find a variety of dishes at El Cerdo restaurant. Whether you are from Mexico or Europe, your favorite dish is there for you.

The setting of wooden furniture along with warm light makes it a perfect place to dine if you are there for a business trip or family vacation.




5. Cielo

The best location for having seafood along with rooftop experience is Cielo restaurant in KL, Malaysia. It has a focal point towards central tower.

There are grills, cocktails and much more to offer at this restaurant. Anything from proper food to beverages is available for you and the people who are accompanying you.


6. The Steakhouse

You can find high quality charcoal grilled style steaks here in KL, Malaysia. If you want to have a full meal with talking to your family, business clients, partners or anyone then this is the best place to visit.

There’s a huge variety of flavors with chicken and beef steaks to choose from along with other side meals.