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A medical checkup is a medical examination carried out by a doctor specializing in internal medicine, which consists of carrying out a detailed clinical history, followed by a physical examination by devices, and, in addition, the performance of a series of complementary examinations.

The main purpose of the medical checkup is the prevention of diseases, as well as the detection of the main health risk factors and the early diagnosis of diseases. It is about knowing the state of health of a person.

As a businessperson, you need to have regular medical checkups. Health is wealth, and a large part of running a business can take its toll on the body.

However, for you to be as productive as you can, you have to see your health for a new light. It is important to introduce regular medical checkup to enable you to detect any problem early on.


The Importance Of Medical Checkup

Many of us are reluctant to have a medical checkup for fear of receiving bad news or we just do not pay the proper attention, but have you ever wondered how important this can be? Here we give you a few reasons to leave the fear behind and give your body the proper attention:


1. Medical Checkup Helps You Know The State Of Your Body

Medical checkups are the best ways for you to know how well your body is. It is always great to know that the body is functioning optimally.

Even more important, you know if there is any organ or system that needs more care. For example, if your body glucose level is above the normal level, you will know that you can level it by modifying your diet.


2. It Helps You Detect Diseases In Time

An annual medical check allows you to quickly detect early signs and symptoms of those diseases that can be dangerous unattended to.

Many dangerous diseases could have been well treated and controlled in the early stages, especially when they are silent diseases, such as lung cancer, glaucoma or diabetes.


3. It Gives You Peace Of Mind

Knowing the state of your body, through a professional diagnosis, will not only help you to be cautious or control diseases, but it will also give you the peace of mind you need to clear any doubts you may have about your body, through a professional diagnosis.


4. It Gives You Reliable Result

Many times, when we present some small ailment, discomfort or atypical symptom, we resort to sources that we consider reliable such as family, friends and even the internet. But, remember that no diagnosis will be more accurate than the one with medical support.


5. It Helps You Change Your Habits

If you are in good health, always remember to have an annual medical checkup. This will help you acquire habits that can make you feel better than you currently feel.

As a professional, a doctor will know how to advise you based on your health conditions. If you have a harmful habit, you will be able to drop it in time.

If you have insurance that gives you the benefit of doing a medical check for free, there is no excuse to continue rejecting it. With prevention, everything is better! Remember, a preventive medical checkup, year after year, can improve your lifestyle!


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Doctor Performing Blood Check


At What Age Is It Recommended To Have A Medical Checkup?

It is always good to start checkups early, but a lot of factors can play into how early that could be. Factors like what kind of business you operate and what kind of chemicals you are exposed to would be very important in determining your health status.

Family and finances can also take their toll after a while, especially if you are under some stress.

There are those who should begin their medical checkups as early as in the 30s. However, in general, it is advisable to start having your annual medical checkup at age 40. If you are over 50, it is recommended to start this checkup as soon as possible.

In the case of people with cardiovascular risk factors such as smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia, obesity or who have a history of a disease in the family, such as one of the parents having suffered from cancer, it is very important to have a complete medical checkup.


Types Of Medical Checkup

You must have seen us talk about preventive medical checkup and complete medical checkup above. The thing is that there are different types of medical checkups. In general, you can talk about preventive checkup and diagnostic checkup.

The preventive medical checkup is aimed at people without known prior illness. It is the one that is performed in most cases. However, what we call the medical diagnostic check focuses on getting to know more about a symptom or a specific pathology that the patient already has.

Beyond this, we can also classify medical checkups by their generality or specificity. The full body scan, for example, is done to find out a few basic information from all over the body. It gives you a general idea of the state of your body as a whole.

There are also checkups that focus on specific parts, organs or system in the body. While it is good to have general body checkups, it is also good to have these more focused and intensive checkups on specific parts of the body. There are also checkups designed for a specific group of people, like your family as a whole.

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The good thing about medical checkups is that it doesn’t have to take the whole day, but it can save your life and business. That is why you have to get them done as soon as possible and continue to. Remember that only a healthy businessperson can run a business.