Top 10 Best Private College In Malaysia 2019

Numerous Malaysians and international students have found that studying in Malaysia is a value for money choice as Malaysian education offers them a quality education.

Malaysian and International students are selected in an extensive variety of disciplines at each level of education, including fleeting and proficient courses, recognitions, bachelor’s certifications, and other post-graduate reviews, for example, master’s degrees directly through to doctoral degrees.

They have a decision of considering in non-public schools, worldwide schools, universities, or private colleges.

The biggest tip in deciding which private college to enroll into is to not just look at the reputation, but also what the university can bring you, as a student. After all, everyone has different needs and, more importantly, different private universities in Malaysia have different specialties. Malaysia also provides with International Medical University if you want to learn into medical education.

With so many private universities in Malaysia, most people may find it difficult to choose the best college in Malaysia for your area of study. To save trouble and confusion, here is a complete and up-to-date list of the best private universities in Malaysia and their most famous regions.

Top 10 Best Private College in Malaysia


Taylors University


1. Taylor’s University

Taylor’s University has been increasing in popularity regarding the quality of education provided. Taylor’s University also ranked as one of the best private Universities in Asia and best private University in Malaysia for Leisure Management and Hospitality.

Taylor’s offer a wide range of courses such as Mass Communication, Business, Engineering, Hospitality, Architecture, Science, Education, Design, Computing, etc. Taylor’s University is doing their level best to be the leading university regarding the quality of education.

The reason why Taylor’s University is chosen as one of the top private university in Malaysia is that Taylor’s university is constantly trying to be the best university in Malaysia and they are succeeding.

We all know that it is crucial for us to find a job after graduation, and that’s what makes Taylor’s University one of the best private universities in Malaysia. Taylor’s University is among the best universities.


KDU University College


2. KDU University College

KDU University College is a private college institution established in 1983. KDU was one of the first private institutions in Malaysia to have a campus. KDU offers education programs in the field of certification, diploma, degree and master’s degree program.

It has been proven again that experienced lecturers on the campus had a positive impact on the quality of education for the Malayans, with a total of 67 high achievements in 2013. Not only do KDU graduates get stellar academic results, with the general skills they need to dive into employment. KDU graduates stand out in the world of work.


HELP University


3. HELP University

Founded in 1986, the HELP University (HELP) is a private university located in Kuala Lumpur. HELP offers twinning programs with the possibility of transferring students to one of the 28 partner universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, and Europe.

In addition to the ability to switch to one of the 28 partner universities, HELP University offers courses in a wide range of psychology, including Psychological Science and Business Psychology.

Therefore, there is a specialized course for students wishing to explore the business aspects of psychology as well as those focused on the neurological aspects of psychology.

Disted College


4. Disted College

This college was established since 1987 is recognized as a premier non-profit college. With an array of programme courses available and all of it is MQA accredited?

As the first nonprofit private higher education institution in Penang by the Wawasan Education Foundation, Disted College offers students lifelong learning and training to meet the growing needs of industry professionals.

Students can choose between a wide range of quality bachelors in pre-university studies, hospitality, trade, psychology, engineering, and computer science.

The college wants to let students into a holistic learning experience so they can start building solid foundations for future career advancement.

For more than 29 years, this established college has brought enormous results from students through the leadership of a lecturer. Academics are full of dedication and education in their respective areas.


INTI International University


5. INTI International University & College

INTI International University is also one of the best private colleges in Malaysia that were founded in 1986 by INTI Education Group. The University has formalized a partnership with Laureate International University from 2008 to 2017.

INTI International University, which has a wide range of routes, has a campus in central, northern and eastern Malaysia. The University focuses on producing trainees who are ready to use, skills that help them succeed.

With a 98% employment rate at the end of studies, universities are working on training those students who are capable of work and skills required for success. INTI graduates can secure a full-time job within three months after graduating from the university.


Sunway University


6. Sunway University

If you’re looking at getting in best private University, either in Malaysia or Australia, Sunway is your best choice! With its university-style learning which focuses on independent learning, Sunway students will have a smooth and express transit to the university upon completion.

Sunway is also known by other Malaysia universities. This private College was founded in 1987 and subsequently upgraded to university status and renamed as Sunway University in 2011.

Sunway University is a well-known university in Malaysia, and all around the world, Sunway University is a partner with a lot of universities in all around the world which makes them recognized university in international level. Sunway provides programmes from Foundation, Diploma, Degree, to Postgraduate.

The private university was rated as a 4-star international university by the university rating and ranking organization, with 5-star ratings for employability, teaching, and facilities. Sunway University is a diverse university offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs.


University Nottingham Malaysia Campus


7. University Nottingham Malaysia Campus

The University of Nottingham, based in the UK, provides British education with International curriculum and international university experience in Malaysia. The University of Malaysia Campus (UNMC) Nottingham was the first campus of the British University in Malaysia.

The Nottingham University campus in Malaysia brings Malaysian students more than a century of experience in 2000 and is now one of the best private universities in Malaysia. UNMC’s British graduates are the first choice for employers who benefit from “Nottingham Advantages,” which emphasizes their employability, soft skills, recognition, and industry experience.

The courses range provided Arts and Social Sciences, Engineering, Science, and Foundation. University Nottingham is ranked in the world’s top 100 universities.


Asia Pacific University


8. Asia Pacific University (APU)

The Asia Pacific University (APU) is one of the premier private universities in Malaysia. Founded in 1993 as the Asia-Pacific Information Technology Institute, in 2004 he became the University College of Technology and Innovation for the Asian-Pacific Ocean, having acquired the status of a University college of the Malaysian Education Minister.

The University has trained more than 20,000 graduates willing to work in teaching technology programs and incredible industrial partners such as Cisco, IBM, Google Web Academy, and Dell. APU is specialized in providing undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the areas of information technology, business, and engineering.


Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia


9. Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed)

The University of Newcastle in Malaysia is located in Nusayama, Johor, and is part of EduCity in the Alexandrian Development Area. NUMed offers undergraduate, and graduate courses focused on biomedical and medical programs.

The Newcastle Medical School is one of the best medical schools in the United Kingdom with a high level of teaching and research. Newcastle University, Malaysia Medicine (NUMed), is an ideal choice for future doctors or physicians who want to get an MBBS internship without worrying about the high cost of living and high school students.

The curriculum is identical to that of the British campus; students enjoy the same quality of education when studying at the Malaysian campus at a local price!


Monash University Malaysia


10. Monash University Malaysia

Monash University is one of the highest ranked universities in Australia. The Malaysian campus, located in the center of Sunway City, was opened in 1998. It was the first foreign university in Malaysia.

Malaysia’s Monash University gives students the opportunity to earn a prestigious Australian degree on a campus located in the suburb of Bandar Sunway in Malaysia. Tuition and living expenses are significantly lower than those of Australia, but the student will earn his internationally recognized degree as a member of the Monash Alumni.

Monash University also has a secondary university in Italy and South Africa and a research academy in India. Monash University in Malaysia currently has about 7,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students. Monash University in Malaysia is famous in the fields of business, MBBS, and engineering.

At the height of its name, the university has also received accreditation from the Australian Medical Council (AMC) for the MBBS program. This is the first program fully accredited by the CMA that has taught outside of Australia and New Zealand.

Monash Malaysia currently has over 8,000 students from 72 different countries, which means that international students have plenty of chances to experience the proposed multicultural campus.



These are a list for top best private universities in Malaysia, the students should make more research on the university they want to study to make the best choice. Most of these mentioned private universities in Malaysia are recognized internationally!

Of course, they are still many well-performed private institutions, such as Royal College of Surgeons & University College Dublin Malaysia which specialize in Medical, VTAR Institution in vocational training, Erican College and KLMUC in Business, and lots more.

What’s your thought on the best college in Malaysia? Share your thought with us!