Tips For A Successful Tradeshow

Many businesses know that tradeshows are one of the best marketing strategies to generate leads and boost exposure. As tradeshows are not exactly cheap, knowing how to plan for a successful one is very important. Let us share some tips to help you make the most out of your investments.


1. Pre-show planning

A successful tradeshow starts before the event itself starts. Other than the usual logistical planning, you should also build up your presence at the event. Send emails to your clients, distribute flyers or announce on your company website. Let others know that you are attending the show. Social media is also a powerful tool for you to gather attention before the show even starts.


2. Booth location

Not all booth lots are born equal. It is inevitable that booths that are situated near entrances are going to get more attention. On the other end, those located in far isolated areas tend to record far fewer attendees. Make sure that you get a good spot with ample traffic. Another great idea is to also set up next to a well-established and famous brand.


3. Booth design

Okay, we understand that getting the best spots is not always feasible with expensive rentals and what not. This is why getting a smashing booth design can easily make or break your tradeshow experience. Make a unique and standout design with attractive colours and attendees will definitely notice you. Do not be afraid to go crazy with your designs. Make a large-sized replica of your products, or have a unique centrepiece; the sky is the limit. Professional event booth contractors can also give you some design suggestions.


4. Engage with attendees

Attractive booth locations and designs can only attract people, keeping them there is another matter altogether. Having friendly executives and hosts to walk around and talk to attendees is a good way of making your booth approachable. Have staff ready at all times to answer any questions and prepare different display options such as flyers, pamphlets or digital displays.  Another idea is to set up interactive activities such as games or lucky draws to keep attendees engaged with your booth.


5. Free goodies

Giving out free goodies have always been a long standing staple practice of tradeshow events. By giving them something tangible, you are effectively giving out an item that reminds them of your company or brand. Nowadays, popular choices for these free gifts could be pens, reusable bags, USB thumb drives or mugs. Just be sure to print your company logo on the items.


6. Food and drinks

One last tip is to prepare snacks and refreshments for attendees. Chances are, they will be walking around for hours going from booth to booth. Giving them something to eat and drink is definitely well-appreciated. Again, make sure that your water bottles or packaging come printed with your company logo or business card. This helps to remind them where they got it from.

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