The Roles & Responsibilities of Litigation Lawyers

A litigation lawyer or a trial lawyer represents their clients – plaintiffs or defendants – in a civil or criminal lawsuit. The task undertaken by a litigation lawyer in Malaysia begins from pre-trial to trial, settlement and appeal.

What to Expect?

A typical day in a litigation law firm in KL involves the drafting of pleadings based on case law and legal precedence and arguing the case in court. For this, a litigation lawyer needs in-depth knowledge of court and arbitration procedures in the area of law they are representing. The lawyer should also be able to perform well under pressure, have great oratory skills and be a quick-thinking strategist. 

Having to deal with people from all walks of life, a litigation lawyer is also expected to have great communication skills and enjoy challenging debates. 

A litigation lawyer not only argues cases in the court but also advises clients on the alternative strategies to resolve a dispute through arbitration and mediation. In complex disputes, these lawyers, especially those from top litigation firms in KL, Malaysia, lead and advise clients in their settlement negotiations.

Civil Litigation vs Criminal Litigation

Civil litigation lawyers represent clients in commercial and marital disputes including in the areas of banking, construction, intellectual property, employment and medical. Their high-profile portfolio includes shareholder disputes, hostile takeovers, land disputes and medical and other professional negligence suits. 

Criminal litigation on the other hand can be the representation of a client against a charge levelled by the police, attorney general or a statutory body or by another party. Here, the lawyer represents a client to apply for bail, represent them during the hearing and trial of the case where they present evidence, call witnesses and prove their case beyond reasonable doubts with the aim to discharge and acquit the accused. If the client is found guilty, the litigation lawyer can ask for a lighter sentence and stay of execution pending appeal. 

Top litigation law firms in KL, Malaysia experienced in handling civil and criminal cases can advise clients on overall litigation strategies while providing practical, personalised and cost-effective solutions.