The Many Uses of Skid Steer Loaders

The design of the compact skid steer loader was originally criticized as being less secure than its predecessor – the conventional front capacitor. While early skid steer loader models were designed to make operators more vulnerable to the dangers of boom movement, modern innovations and safety measures have addressed these concerns. This is because Bobcat skid steer loaders are not only physically safe and reliable, but also mechanically innovative and impressive.

What they are used for:

For skid steer loaders, the question is not what they can do, but what they cannot do. In fact, this simple but heavy machine can be used for a wide variety of tasks and maneuvers to increase efficiency, including:


So, skid steer loaders have been used as agricultural implements, but as their use is more and more common in construction, demolition, landscaping and other fields. In agriculture, skid steer loaders can be used to load and move dirt, snow and other materials.


Skid steer loaders are almost indispensable at demolition points. Indeed, their small size allows them to go into tight corners to remove dirt. The skid driver is also light enough to be lifted over several floors of a skyscraper. This happens when a demolition company removes one floor at a time. At the demolition site, a skid steer loader can be seen breaking concrete, hauling debris to dump onto a nearby truck, or moving materials.


Any type of construction or construction project will require an excavator to do the job. Digging is hard work and since we no longer have to do it by hand, you will need the best digging equipment to get the job done. Multico offers used excavating equipment to meet your needs, including skid steer loaders. The list of uses for skid searches is long and some of them include:

Construction project

Much of the work you do in your area is in one way or another with construction. From constructing roads and buildings to installing statues or bridges, wherever you go, ask yourself what new stores or buildings are popping up. There is no doubt that every medium and large construction company has a skid steer loader.

As we have seen, a skid steer loader can perform an incredible variety of tasks and handle most construction projects. If you’re still not sure which skid steer loader is right for you, you can invest in one from us here at Multico to try it out for yourself.