The Cordless Vacuum is Game Changing

Vacuum cleaners today are rapidly evolving to make cleaning easier. With cordless vacuum cleaners entering the game, they have become a sought after cleaning equipment that’s favoured by many. This article will cover cordless vacuum Malaysia.

Why are cordless vacuum cleaners better?

To begin with, vacuum cleaners are a housekeeping appliance that collects dust off of surfaces. Both traditional and modern vacuum cleaners achieve this job fairly well, with better technology being integrated each time to increase the effectiveness of collecting dust.

However, traditional wired vacuum cleaners are big & bulky, making them difficult to manoeuvre around while cleaning. As time and technology advance, we are now able to have battery-powered vacuum cleaners to make cleaning a lot easier.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are better because newer technology makes cleaning just as effective compared to traditional vacuum cleaners. Cordless vacuums are easy to clean and store, reducing a lot of unnecessary time wasted. With the benefit of being cordless, it is a suitable appliance for living spaces of any size. Some cordless vacuum Malays come with enhanced battery features that make it charge faster and last longer.

Lastly, most cordless vacuums come with detachable features and attachments for any cleaning needs. Some cordless vacuums can be detached to form a hand-held unit, while others come with different attachments to reach any type of nook and cranny.

In this next segment, we will show you three types of cordless vacuums that you can get for your home.

Milux MVC-864B

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The Milux MVC-864B Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  • Cyclone Logic + HEPA Filter
  • Motorized Agitator Floor Brush + LED Headlight
  • Hygenic Easy Clean Dust Collector
  • Flexible Nozzle & Foldable Handle
  • Rechargeable LITHIUM Battery
  • Detachable Battery Pack
  • Bagless – Economic & Environmental Friendly
  • Space Saving Storage

The Milux MVC-864B is one of the popular models for modern hand-held vacuum cleaners. It is a 130W vacuum cleaner that’s relatively powerful compared to most cordless vacuums.

Milux MVC-8907

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The Milux MVC8907 hand-held vacuum cleaner
  • For Wet & Dry
  • Cyclone Logic Filtration System
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery with Over Charge & Discharge Protection PCB
  • Bagless – Economic & Environmental Friendly

The MVC-8907 is slightly more compact in size compared to most cordless vacuums in the market. It is a 55W hand-held vacuum that’s perfect for cleaning hard to reach spots. Because it is small, it is also easier to clean and store. This is a big advantage for smaller living spaces.

Milux MVC-8930

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The Milux MVC8930 2-in-1 cordless hand=held vacuum
  • 2-Speed Control on Stick Vacuum
  • Rechargeable LITHIUM Battery with Over Charge & Discharge Protection PCB
  • Bagless – Economic & Environment Friendly
  • LED Headlight Floor Brush
  • Flexible Nozzle turns around Corners & Furniture
  • Convenient Charging Sound

The Milux MVC-8930 is quite a popular vacuum design as it features a 2-in-1 function. The hand-held vacuum unit can be fitted into the stick chassey to be used as a stick vacuum. If you are looking for a more versatile cordless vacuum then this is the one for you.

If you are interested in more cordless vacuum Malaysia, then head over to Milux’s vacuum category for more!