The Best Home Appliances Malaysia

black and orange hair blowerIt can be complicated to invest in a home appliance. Not everyone has technical knowledge of being able to select the best home appliance from millions of brands and products in the market. But if you’re able to do that, then you can save a lot of money and money spent is better than the money saved. With the myriad of home appliances to choose from, here are some of the best home appliances from Milux that everyone should have.

Electric Iron

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The Milux MSI-1320 Electric Iron

One of the more common home appliances in every home, the electric iron is an appliance that every household should have. Where there are clothes, an electric iron will come in handy when getting rid of unwanted wrinkles. There are different types of clothing irons, all of which have extra capabilities. Some like the MDI-1300, are more basic in function, whereas the MSI-I320 and MSI-1328 have a water spray and steam function.

Hair Dryer

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The Milux MHD5918

This home appliance comes in more handy than you might think. A hairdryer is a common appliance most people have to dry their hair after a nice shower. It can also dry your furry friends and other pets after their bath too. It is also used for D.I.Y repairs, such as heating plastic to bend and repair household items.

Trailing Socket

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The Milux MEC-9420U Trailing Socket.

We have devices laying all around our homes. That is why the trailing socket is the next best home appliance that you should have in your home. Milux offers a variety of trailing sockets from 3-5 plugs that every household can use!

Vacuum Cleaner

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The Milux MVC861 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

There are two types of vacuum cleaners most commonly bought; cordless and wired vacuum cleaners. Cordless vacuum cleaners are a favourite option for many because it has some advantages. They are battery-powered, hand-held, and most of them are quiet. This makes them convenient and easy to use. However, some disadvantages include having to charge the batteries after each use.

Wired Vacuum Cleaners

Wired vacuum cleaners are a good investment as they last longer and have better cleaning power compared to cordless vacuum cleaners. However, some disadvantages include its large size which makes it difficult to move around. It can be rather loud and can cause noise disturbances.

Which Vacuum Cleaner Should I Get?

Overall, both types of vacuum cleaners are good options to consider. Cordless vacuum cleaners are good options for smaller living spaces that require little cleaning. Wired vacuum cleaners can be a good option for office spaces and larger living spaces that require thorough cleaning.

Water Heater

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The Milux Water Heater ML238D

Lastly, a water heater makes a great addition to any bathroom and home. Wall-mounted water heaters from Milux is a good investment to make as some models are more affordable. They are also suitable for bathrooms of any size.

If any of the home appliances make the best fit for your home, check out Milux’s home appliances catalogue and contact us today to find out more!