Property Review for Glenmarie Cove, Klang Valley

Glenmarie properties are there to help people get a delightful experience of homes and lands. It is near the region of Iskandar, Malaysia with updated developments. There are new designed houses which are built with high standards. It let you experience the modern lifestyle along with a proven record of high-end developers.

There are different types of houses which you can find on the Glenmarie Cove Malaysia. The type A and type B houses are two stories with high standards along with all the necessary facilities and securities. The land is for residential area however, Glenmarie properties also specialize in industrial areas too.

The great think about Glenmarie properties is that it has the freehold along with connection with the expressways and highways. The concept designs are tropical modern for the homeowners. It has a matured and prestigious neighborhood. There are window panels with full lighting along with huge greenery area. It is located near the center of Johor Bahru City in Malaysia.

Glenmarie properties are near the LA Garden and JP Perdana. It is five minutes’ drive to Austin Heights Golf Club and the theme water park. You can reach the highway in 15 minutes from your house. It is 30 minutes away from the Senai International Airport.

There are parks, tracks for jogging, business center, cafes, playgrounds, security, mini-marts and much more to experience in the Glenmarie properties. The acres for Glenmarie Cover is about 1.67 with the green area concept along with it.


Types of Houses

There are two types of terrace houses which are under the guild line with about 2191 square foot and another one is about 2333 square foot. There are 4 bathrooms and bedrooms in both the types of houses.

Beside Glenmarie, there are other new developments which are costly but Glenmarie offers great and competitive low prices to the clients. The best part of Glenmarie properties is that it is providing the “Freehold” for you. You can get the benefits from the investments when you purchase the property.

You can consider some of the great things before purchasing the property at Glenmarie. It has great surrounding which everyone wants when they are building their house at a place. It is obvious that you will not be able to change the place once you make the house. It is not easy to settle at a new place as well but Glenmarie property helps you get adjusted really quickly.

It has public amenities which you can enjoy with the nearest proximity. There is a central park where you can go every day to get the joy. The connectivity with the roads is excellent when you are able to reach the highway in less than five minutes.

The structure of the properties is by the concrete reinforced. Along with that, the roof has slab and tiles. The painting is both external and internal with the glass aluminum windows.


Glenmarie Cove


The Concept of Glenmarie Properties

Glenmarie properties are at the Johor Bahru location covering up to 1400 acres of land. It is a city in its own way with the great houses schemes. There will be more than 90,000 residents in this place when it is completely ready. The design of a master plan is ready to get implemented by Bandar Dato.

The mission of the company is to uphold communities and make sure that people live in a peaceful environment. The integration between the residential areas and commercial areas is smooth without any hassle. It is lined through the parks and other public facilities. The landscaping gets special attention to make sure that it provides comfort to the residents and visitors on Glenmarie properties.

There will be a towering ship which will be built with large playgrounds and parks. There will be more than 18,000 properties in the future to get the profit back as much as the investment has been done. There are acres of land for the future to build a condominium, more apartments, and townhouses. New business potential is high in the Glenmarie properties for now and also aiming for the future as well.


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Land Information

The Johor land of Glenmarie properties is owned by Johor Corporation which initiated in 1972. There are more than 3,000 acres of land within Johor, Malaysia. It is used for the developmental projects, constructions and property investments. There are separate projects for residential and commercial investments by Glenmarie properties.

These two collaborate to become the Glenmarie properties by providing housing at an affordable rate for the clients. The quality is excellent with continuous effort to make it better for the community.



UKAS management system is a part of Glenmarie Properties to make sure that all the public amenities are there for the people of the community. It collaborates with the company to provide excellent service to the residents and the visitors at Glenmarie properties.

The subsidiary of DRB-HICOM is owned by Glenmarie properties in the year 2008. HICOM intakes the developmental projects of industrial, commercial and residential areas. It also specializes in the hospitality projects with the planning of the groups. It has a strong base of great facilities, infrastructure, and amenities.

The delivery is done within time and the workmanship is perfect of HICOM. It has helped many developmental projects in Malaysia like Rebak Island Resort in Langkawi, eco-tourism resorts and many other. The management expertise is necessary for the construction and property businesses. Glenmarie keeps on improving as the time passes with building up the brands.

The facilities are the first class which offers great assets in the market. There are many projects to come through by Glenmarie Properties such as Glenmarie Gardens, Court, Klang, Shah Alam and many more.



Glenmarie is known to be one of the trusted names in the developmental industry. It has a great record of more than 10 years with being a market player and receiving the global award as well.

Excellence is always expected by Glenmarie properties for their projects which are in process or already finished. The designs of the houses are tremendous and compact in size. It provides a safe environment for the residents and that is what everyone looks for when they are selecting a place to invest.