A Completed Printer Solution From Experts For Your Company

Docu Solution Sdn Bhd

Docu Solution Sdn Bhd is the best printing machine supplier in Malaysia. This company was founded in 1993. It controls almost half of the printing solutions market. Docu Solution Sdn Bhd is a company that has high power and influence in the printing solution industry.

They have an enormous effect on college students, government official, and private firms in Malaysia. This company has been in this business for over 25 years, and it is now substantial in the printer’s solution market.

They are experts when it comes to buying and leasing renewed multifunction colors or black and white duplicators with a collection of goods and services carefully centered on the clients’ needs.

This industry is perceived as the importer of photocopiers in Malaysia. They have a lot of photocopier models like Konica, Ricoh, and Rowe, Xerox, Fuji Xerox, Canon, Minolta, etc.  In addition to the statement above, they also have the biggest warehouse stores for duplicators at Kuala.

This industry has various crews of professional workers like highly skilled technicians, a topnotch customer service team with inept knowledge of the various features of copier industry, an excellent printing management information and also willing to assist all their clients. Their primary aim is to produce economic printing solutions that would guarantee the smooth running of your businesses resulting in excellent productivity and benefits.


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Printing Solution From Experts


Printers Laboratory

Printers laboratory is another of such printing specialist services company in Malaysia. This company is gradually becoming a household name. A whole lot of companies have emerged due to the booming opportunities in Malaysia leading to an improved standard of living.

Most of the organizations that assist the economy have spread their tentacles to the sectors of high technology and specialization. They have realized the importance of depending on digital information that relies on innovative and progressive methods, that is the IT industry.

Printer Laboratory has successfully carved a niche in the IT industry (service, repair, and maintenance sectors) despite the deficiency of professionals in the various sectors. These have helped us in our reasoning, the kinds of goods and services we buy and the quantity of electricity we use.


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A lot of merits are associated with our being eco-friendly. One significant merit is that it aids us in cutting down our expenses. This is one benefit Malaysians appreciate.

Printers Laboratory is made up of a group of experts and skillful engineers that are vast in the science of printer maintenance and repair services. These experts can proffer solutions to all kinds of damages, any fault, and defective issues in the different types of printers.

A lot of printer solution industries are in Malaysia and all over the world. But the ones mentioned in this article meet the requirements of firms with various printing needs.


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