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Is pest control significant for offices? Indeed it is. Owning a company comes with many errands and responsibilities, and one of those tasks is keeping your office free of pests. The most common problem with pest issues is no signs of infestations, then, all of a sudden, your workplace is hit with a threatening pest problem that sometimes gets out of control.

Even if you clean your office daily, it does not mean that pests do not live on the premises. So, pest inspection and control is the only method to know if there are any potential pest problems in your office.

It is extremely important to immediately take care of office pest. If you are unable to control the issue or if the situation gets out of control, it can cause significant damage to your workplace, for instance, no more clients and employees would want to work with you.

Also, if you ignore this problem for too long, it can cause electrical and structural damage to your building. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to keep your employees protected, safe, and healthy while securing your office space by preventing potential pest bursts before they happen.

Many employers in Malaysia are facing pest control issues. This is indeed a potential threat to their businesses and can considerably reduce their productivity. So, as a businessperson, if you are facing this kind of issue and don’t know how to overcome it, you don’t need to worry, because Kamal and Kamal pest control company offers innovative and unique services.

The company is providing effective and safe pest control services to numerous businesses in Malaysia since 1985. Kamal & Kamal has a skillful and experienced team that help business owners to get rid of all kind of pets including termites, cockroaches, snakes, bats, lizards, birds, bees, ants, tick, fleas, mosquitoes and so many more.


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PEST Control in Malaysia


The company utilizes the most advanced technological techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to cater to a variety of business from industries to commercial offices. Kamal & Kamal is a renowned pest control company that offer unique services including rodenticide, flushing, termite baiting, residual spraying, larviciding, and fogging.

They have many customer service outlets across Malaysia, the purpose of which are to better serve their customers. Since unclean offices are an open invitation to pests, Kamal & Kamal ensures to keep the workplace clean by implementing high-quality pest control tools and equipment.

Currently, the company is making significant efforts towards the provision of innovative services at all time to all clients. The company’s service centers are located across Malaysia and with over 50 well trained and licensed personnel using quality equipment and advanced techniques, you should not worry about pest issues in your office space.

Lastly, for over three decades, Kamal & Kamal has served global companies, government offices, foreign embassies, commercial/retail sector, restaurant, cafes, and others. Moreover, this company has striven towards a sustainable environment, commercial hygiene, and pollution control. The company also actively participates in achieving a balance or harmony between environment and sustainability with the main goal of employees’ health and wellbeing.


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