Okinawa: A Hidden Gem

When one imagines travelling to Japan, it usually falls down to either of these two things. To visit the colourful city of Tokyo or to admire the magnificent view of Mount Fuji. Nonetheless, the streets of Shibuya and snow-white peaks of Fuji are perfect for those visiting Japan for the first time. Japan is a perfect example of how modernization stays side by side with traditional natural charms and beauty.

However, there is a carefully guarded gem hidden in the Land of the Rising Sun. A little more than 600km South from Kyushu, Okinawa rests in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Here are some of the reasons why Okinawa is the hidden gem you need to explore!


The Hawaii of Japan

Okinawa is Japan’s answer to Boracay or even Hawaii. Being isolated far away from meddling cities, Okinawa stands alone as an idyllic island paradise. Sun-kissed beaches are packed with white sands and crystal clear waters. Take a dip in some of the clearest waters in the East or get a tan in the warm tropical sun. Kabira Bay in Yaeyama is definitely among the best beaches you can visit in Okinawa. The best thing is, you can enjoy the natural emerald eye candy without having to worry about commercialization.


Learn the Secret to Longevity

Okinawans are famous for their longevity, with almost 5 times the number of centurions compared to the rest of Japan. The Okinawan diet is known to be packed full of low-fat and low-salt foods. They also consume less meat and calories compared to the average Japanese diet. This has allowed Okinawans to maintain a healthy diet. Other than that, many Okinawans also practice karate as a method of strengthening the body. Visiting Okinawa allows you to take a glimpse into this healthy lifestyle and you can perhaps adopt a thing or two. This makes Okinawa is the best places to stay in Japan.


Discover Underwater Atlantis

Okinawa is also home to many world-renowned diving sites. Diving sites around the island are plenty and range from beginner-friendly sites to expert sites. Discover shipwrecks and coral reefs for an underwater experience coveted by diving enthusiasts around the world. After tired of diving you can relax and take a rest at the luxury resorts in Okinawa.


Attractions Aplenty

Despite being relatively isolated from the main island of Japan, Okinawa houses some attractions that deserve attention. From the Churaumi Aquarium to Okinawa World, there are plenty of things to see and do. Nature lovers are blessed with natural limestone caves and lush tropical forests as well.


Visit Okinawa Now

The sights and sounds of Okinawa cannot be easily summarized in just words. You have to see it and experience it for yourself. If you have decided to put Okinawa on your next travel itinerary, consider staying at the ANSA Okinawa Resort. Make a room reservation in Okinawa Hotel now! They are a modern hotel infused with traditional Ryukyuan heritage. Click here for more info!