Management of Real Estate & Property Agent in Malaysia

Land and building property assets are an important resource for all types of public sector and organizations. Due to limited land availability more Malaysians have recently moved into a stratified unit, especially in town centers. Therefore, there is a better awareness of the need for proper management of these assets.


Responsibility of Property Management


As a property manager, you look after people’s commercial homes and act as a middleman between the owner and the residents to fix any problems that arise. Property managers are enrolled to handle the property rental operations, maintenance and management for an owner. Property management includes service like finding renters, maintaining the profitability of rentals while covering taxes, overheads, rent collection and enforcement of rental laws.


Setting Rent


The setting of rents is a fundamental responsibility of every landlord. Therefore, a landlord will pass on to a property manager in order to draw tenants to the property and establishes competitive rental prices.


Property Management


In Malaysia, you can find a lot of professional property agent, especially in Kuala Lumpur. The professional / agency property management must ensure that facility in the property operates properly in the residence. Example water, electricity, and so on. To keep the property safe and in habitable condition, property manager is responsible for managing the property including regular maintenance and emergency repairs.


Security Management


Property managers need to keep the residence safe and look for damages to the buildings. Property need to be protected through contracting with security patrol service, hospital calls, fire fighter calls, etc.


Legal Matters


Property managers ensure that all the above-noted tasks comply with the legislation. In Malaysia, everything that property manager does need to follow Malaysian Property Management Standards.

Altogether, a property manager does everything it can to keep the building safe and sound. Or we can say more explicitly that real estate agents act as substitute house owners when they are not there.




If you are confident enough to take care of buildings, you could be the real estate agent/manager in Malaysia. It is a tough work, but it is also awarded. You can hire property manager now to make sure all of the facets of the property are handled. You can contact Kelvin Teh Real Estate if you have more inquiries.