Licensed Material Handling System For Malaysia Businesses

Material handling lays emphasis on the movement, storage, control and protection of numerous materials and products throughout the manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and consumption process. The main goal of a material handling system is to decrease the costs of production. Other objectives include reducing manufacturing cycle time, damage, and delays.

Material handling is an essential and important element of any productive activity. It is important to know that it is something required in all types of manufacturing plants and warehouses. In simple words, material handling means the provision of a right amount of the right material, at the right place, in the right condition, in the right position, at the right time, and for the right cost.

Material handling is not an easy task as it is not simple to pick up, move, and lay down materials in the manufacturing process. A sophisticated material handling system allows easy movement of materials, helps in manufacturing procedures, finishing goods, as well as packing materials and disposal of scraps.


Seratech Systems

Seratech Systems is a licensed crane manufacturing company that markets cranes and hoists in Malaysia. The company offers monorail systems, goods-hoists system, hydraulic scissors lifter, conveyor systems, dock leveler, and other engineering products related to material handling needs.

Seratech Systems is an official partner of material handling network of companies operating in the east and west Malaysia. The company offers unique back up, after the sale, the stock of spare parts services to different manufacturing plants across the country.

The company offers technical expertise that is tailored to the needs of specific customers. The company offers innovating solutions without comprising quality, safety, and reliability.


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Material Handling System


Seratech Systems Services

StructuringLifting ComponentsMaintenance and Repair
Designing, fabricating and installing runway structures for monorail, cranes, and metal lift shafts for goods hoisting.The company offers driven motor facility, guide shoe, wire rope, as well as end carriage wheel systems.Different types of chain hoists, electric wire rope, and air hoists.
Installation, re-alignment, and leveling of runway railsFall prevention safety devices for good hoisting and flat cable festoon systems.Gantry cranes, electric overhead traveling cranes, monorails, slewing jibs, and monorails.
Crane systems shiftingMotor rewinding, contractors, and push button pendant stations for component lifting.Repairing of cranes, slewing jibs, and cable festoon systems.


In addition, manufacturing plants and warehouses mostly used single girdle cranes. Seratech systems offer high-quality low headroom monorail hoists with compact designs to maximize the crane’s high hook positions. This product is both reliable and economical!

Another significant product offered by Seratech systems is “Double Girdle Electrical Overhead Travelling Crane,” which is a great solution in warehouses where short headroom is important.


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Besides girdles, the company offers state-of-the-art quality machinery and equipment such as anti-collision devices, walkways, service platforms, electronic weighing devices, load registering devices, radio, infrared, and remote control systems, as well as vacuum equipment, magnet system, lifting yoke, safety warning devices, electrical supply systems, rails, and crane runways.

So, if you want to improve your inventory or material handling at your company, it is worth considering the high-quality products of Seratech systems.


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