LED Signage That Helps To Grows Your Business

If you are operating or planning to commence a business, a significant consideration is how you use signage. An attractive and creative sign will help your company stand apart from the competitors. Experts say that clients are more likely to buy from a reputed company, so signage can help plant a seed for sales in the future.

Signage is an essential element of a business or company’s overall marketing strategy. It contains a business logo that can help reinforce its brands. Almost all global and local companies operating in Malaysia use signage to draw attention to their promotions and convey substantial information about their businesses.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about trends in creative LED Signage in Malaysia and how signage can help businesspersons and entrepreneurs to promote their businesses.


Twin City Advertech

Twin City Advertech is a Malaysian based company that offers a variety of digital LED signage for different companies, firms, and businesses. The primary objective of the company is to meet the global and local market needs in Malaysia.

The company provides a full range of LED display TV, LED light box, and signage designs and services. Twin City Advertech has a strong reputation in the business sector due to its state-of-the-art signage production, delivery, installation, and sale services.

In addition, Twin City Advertech is the sole manufacturer in the country for LED flashing light box, LED ultra slim light box, LED crystal light box, LED banner lightbox, LED magnetic-ultra slim box, Offset printing, Giant Billboard, Pylon Signage, Building Façade, Signboards, Directional Signage, and Vehicle Advertising.


LED Signage


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The company is committed to providing outstanding services that outshine customers’ expectations in terms of quality. Using advanced technological tools and skilled workforce, the company guarantees exceptional and cost-effective services.

In addition, currently, a number of companies in Malaysia are availing LED signage services from Twin City Advertech and their satisfaction has given the company a competitive edge in the Malaysian market. Recently, LED signage has gained popularity as one of the most powerful communication tools for businesses and workplaces. Innovations include the use of video walls, touchscreen technology, digital fabric graphics, and high-resolution content displays.

Twin City Advertech shows colossal dedication towards the development of latest and advanced LED signage. They are making substantial efforts to create new sizes, shapes, and configurations including massive high-definition screens, curved digital signage, and outdoor LED waterproof screens.

So much so, Twin City Advertech LED signage technology takes your company promotional and advertising level to the whole new level. Using their LED signage, your company can create unique and custom digital signage for numerous placements.


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Now, highway signs, restaurant menus, and billboards are all starting to move from traditional signage to LED signage because it features more colorful and moving displays, which allows business to share more content.

In a nutshell, LED signage is currently trending in the Malaysian market and many companies are adopting this remarkable technology. LED signage is environmentally friendly and only use 10-15 watts of power, which is 80% less than energy than neon systems. Lastly, Twin City Advertech is a ‘must-go’ option for all businesses in Malaysia looking to take on advanced high-tech promotional strategies.


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