How Inventory Management Device Can Work For Your Business

Monitoring the inventory for the company is a headache for many but not when you have the right device for it. Inventory management keeps the record of all the tangible products within the company.

Whether it is a retail or health care center, you need inventory management to know what is left behind and what you have to order further so that there is no shortage.

Inventory management keeps things aligned and organized for the management. Along with that, it helps you in tracking the progress of your company. You can also view the products which are sold the most to learn the pattern and knowing that you will need a back-up for it always.



TrackSol is the best device for inventory management. The company is known as TrackSol which provides you with a handheld device to manage inventory.

The associated company is Mobile Money in Malaysia. It is the MMSB company which is there from the last ten years and has earned more than RM 25 million since then. There has been a huge turnover for this company as the rise of technology came in the market.

It helps the factories, stores, and warehouses the most to keep the record of the products conveniently. The core technology is by developing the applications which work for monitoring, feeding, alerting and trackinTrackTechg the data.

The company develops everything included the software and the hardware which works for the inventory management system. There are more than 10,000 devices globally in the Asian countries which are using TrackSol.


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Warehouse Inventory Management System



Here are some of the highlighted features of TrackSol:

  • The process is step by step without any interruption to recording the data in it. It is convenient and operates smoothly with the user. The implementation of the process is non-interruptive at all times.
  • The rental support for this device is very low along with the long-term warranty. It has the backend infrastructure along with covering the data cost.
  • It is completely wireless and connects through GPRS or Wi-Fi.
  • The perfect configuration for the stock within the warehouse, store or factory.
  • The tracking of the data is paperless with keeping the documents at the terminal level.
  • It is a touch screen to make it easier for the user to navigate through recording.
  • You can record the reports daily within, out and the opening of the stock as well.
  • The reading can be done through barcodes or the numbers easily if the barcode reading is not getting accepted.
  • It provides alerts to the user upon delivery or low stock of the items. You can also double check the work through the history or the saved items to make sure that there are no errors. Once the information is entered, you can remove. /modify if it is there is any mistake.
  • It helps you in performing the audit as well from a new location easily.



There is less investment when you have the TrackSol inventory machine in your systems. You do not need to do any manual recording as everything is done on the device.

There is no delay or inaccuracy with the machine and gets your job done perfectly. The information gets entered on time and provides information without any delay during the meetings. It helps you in getting disciplined and organized perfectly to manage large stock items.


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