The Importance Of Sleep And How It Affects Your Productivity

Many businesspersons have been influenced by the cry to work for longer and sleep for fewer hours, all in the bid to get more done. However, nothing could be more wrong. If you really want to get more done, what you need isn’t less sleep. What you need is better sleep.

You need better and healthy sleep if you want to stay productive at work. Adequate sleep will give you the necessary vitality to face your demanding day-to-day activities. When people try to do more by cutting into the amount of good sleep they get, they won’t really be in the right state to deliver optimally.

Healthy sleep is fundamental to the proper development of vital functions such as the degree of attention and concentration, motor precision skills, decision-making processes, long-term retentive memory, logical reasoning, enthusiasm, and human relations. Needless to say, you need these to properly run your business.

Lack of sleep, on the contrary, will make you feel tired at work, reducing your productivity and consuming the energy necessary for a full day. This is one reason why a lot of businesspersons appear busy without really getting anything done.

Creativity, agility, lucidity, and ability to solve problems will be affected because when you do not sleep well and you are tired when you face an important schedule or agenda, you will not feel like attending to them. This is why you need to optimally set up your bedroom for healthy sleep.

The bedroom should be the most welcoming space in the house. After all, it is where you rest and recharge your energies to be able to run your business every day.

Small things, such as light pollution from the outside, background noise or even the colors of the walls or furniture, or how the room is decorated, can affect the quality of sleep.

Here are simple solutions that would greatly improve you sleep from today:


Qualit Mattress for Good Sleep


1. Change The Mattress

Your mattress is one vital factor in how well you sleep, and it cannot be joked with. Most mattresses have a lifespan of about 8 years. So, if you have been using yours for more than that, it’s time for a renewal.

Sometimes, the mattress isn’t really old. It is just plain uncomfortable. You don’t have to endure this. Change the mattress.

The mattress you buy affects sleep a lot. So, look for something that is comfortable for you, and also takes care of your posture.

We love the mattresses at Sealy. They make you feel like you are floating in the cloud, first class. There is no way you would wake up on such mattress without feeling alive enough to bounce up and face the day.


2. Heavier Pillows

Another change you should make, and probably more often than you think, is to change your pillows. It is highly recommended for you to change them every two years. What you need is a pillow heavy enough for your neck to rest on properly without feeling any stress.


3. Clean The Air

Have you tried sleeping in a room that smells stuffy before? It is never easy. This is because the body requires fresh air so that it can relax. The air in a lot of bedrooms is full of spores, fine dust, and moisture, among others.

To clean up the air, you need the best vacuum air cleaner like HYLA. This device keeps the air clean and can also be used to clean the rug, the upholstery, carpets and more. You can even use it to disinfect the room.


HYLA Air Cleaner


4. Make The Bed

You may think that making a bed is not important, but it can actually affect sleep. This idea is linked to the idea that you sleep better if the bedroom is tidy. If you are too tired after the day’s business to make the bed, you can be encouraged if you have bedding with a nice design that you would like to enjoy (and show off).


5. Dark Curtains

The light that enters your room from the outside can affect the quality of sleep. So, it is important in addition to turn off the lights and block out the light from the street (sunlight or night lighting).

You can easily get beautiful curtains from shopping malls. Just understand that, even though they won’t easily look dirty, they get dirty too.

So, wash them regularly to allow fresh breeze into your room. Just call on Press to help you handle your dry cleaning. While at it, make sure you drop off your dirty laundries and bed sheets, too. They do home delivery too. So, that saves you time.


6. Warm Bedding

Temperature is a very important factor when trying to fall asleep, both the room and the body temperature. So, in addition to maintaining the room at an ideal temperature, you should wear pajamas that keep you warm enough to feel comfortable but not to make you sweat.


Keep Your Room Clean


7. Keep Your Room Clean And Orderly

It is known that sleeping in an untidy and disorderly room can also affect the quality of sleep. As a businessperson, it is understandable that you don’t have the time to keep your bedroom clean, but there is a simple solution to this.

Just invest in hourly maid services to get everything cleaned up. A much-respected maid agency like Harmoni would be great for you. They will handle your housecleaning while you focus on your business. Go for Magnum Maid Agency for our Singapore friends.


8. Warm Lighting

Make sure to switch off all white, cold and bright lights before going to bed. If you don’t do this, it can be more difficult for you to sleep. This is because your brain assumes it is still around noon. You should dim the lights when you are preparing to sleep, and switch to a warmer lighting to better prepare your body for sleep.


9. Avoid Disruptive Noises

A lot of external sounds could affect your sleep, and prevent you from getting the quality of sleep you need to perform optimally. That is why you need to find a way to block off those noises. The best way to do this is by introducing white noise that will help you induce sleep faster.

Your body needs to enter the state of Delta wave for it to get deep sleep. When getting the perfect white noise machine, you should go for one that emits sounds that match the Delta wave.

Since Delta wave is the slowest wave in the brain frequency, it helps your body relax and fall into sleep. Get for yourself this efficient device from Meriwell to help you bring your body to this state daily, and observe how well you begin to sleep.



Sleeping well is the best start you could give yourself before heading out into a productive business day. It all starts in that bedroom. This is why it is important you pay attention to it and make it sleep-inducing. If you looking for recommended air purifier, go with Hyla Malaysia. With the tips provided above, you don’t have to worry about that. Sleep will creep in on its own.