How to Start a Successful Restaurant Business in Malaysia

A lot of Malaysian’s dream are starting their own restaurant or cafe. Nowadays, we can see that the city is growing in number of restaurants. The trend illustrates one thing, the business of restaurants is one of the growing enterprises in the business world today. Nonetheless, it isn’t easy to create a restaurant from the beginning. The reality can nevertheless be hard to open a F&B business. New cafés and restaurant owner sometimes find himself in a nightmare instead of living their dream when expenses are high, and customers are located nowhere.


While it is difficult and costly to start a restaurant business, you can still have benefits when you run a restaurant business. With the great demand for a good restaurant often brings customers to the restaurant which means revenues are made.


To help you started on the right ground, here are some guide on F&B business planning and preparation.


Some Key Points to Start a Business Restaurant Business in Malaysia:




The restaurant’s location during setup is the utmost importance. The restaurant should be located capital near city and target market alike. Therefore, appropriate, reliable and convenient transport system should be accessible to the location. You might want to find an ideal location with high traffic, easy access and good views. The location should be suited to good traffic and provide convenient parking space. The target market for your restaurant as well as competitors in the surrounding will also determine your restaurant location. Like in Malaysia, the famous place and top restaurants was in Kuala Lumpur.




The menu and its relation to local culture must take into consideration before starting your restaurant business. The menu must be exclusive and attractive for potential customer. Most people in Kuala Lumpur especially foreigners who visits in KL will search on Asian cuisine restaurant as they love trying out the taste of Asian food. The first thing you should consider when deciding what to add to the menu is the target market, the hottest new food trend and what to serve. A good menu is vital to a marketing plan for every restaurant.




The design and concept of the restaurant is important to attract customers. Decide the good and trends concept to make it as unique restaurants to visit in KL. You can always perform some research when you are unsure, you can also get consultation with the experts to simplify your idea and concept. Style and features must be related to the design.




Another important aspect to be considered before you launch a restaurant is you need to ensure that you apply for the proper licenses. A business license given in Malaysia is issued at different terms depending on whether the applicant is local or international. The applicant must agree with all regulations and comply with all the conditions for the issuance of a business licence. The business licenses to be issued and used depend on the organization and the individual’s nationality. Per license has its own terms and length of validity.




In Malaysia, establishing a restaurant is a fairly easy and simple straightforward process. Those who have completed the registration and obtained all the business licenses necessary can already start the business. The big market in Malaysia guarantees that restaurant will provides many benefits to the owners who make no major mistakes when they set up the restaurant.