How To Get Cheap Student Flights

Dilemma or dream, but every student always hopes to someday travel the world and experience all this life has to offer. However, as reality hits, students often find themselves living on a ramen noodle budget. New York is on your bucket list, surfing in Australia has always been the dream, and devouring unique flavours in Morocco was the goal, but alas, your bank account has barely enough balance for you to even travel home during semester breaks.

But fortunately for student flights or airfare offered by various airlines and even student travel agencies in Malaysia, students are now able to purchase cheap student flight tickets. So if you have been dreaming of a graduation trip to Bali or even Europe, but your part-time stint in Starbucks isn’t making a huge difference to your bank balance, this is what a broke student adventurer has to do.

By now, you may have heard plenty of affordable travel tips such as purchasing your flight ticket on a Tuesday as airfares are supposedly cheaper and flight booking offers for students skyrockets then, or that booking late at night and searching for your desired destination incognito mode can help you get cheaper flight tickets.

Although these hacks might help, they are not foolproof either. But did you know that there are various all-inclusive student vacation packages and flight booking offers for students that are offered by selected airlines and a student travel agency in Malaysia? Get ready to get student discounts on flights, accommodations and tours.

You can start off with a student travel agency such as CIT. Travel and StudentUniverse to find student discounts for flight and airfares. When you book your flight tickets with a student agency, along with the entitled student discounts on food, movies, surfing, and more.

The first step: if you’re a student, you do not have to pay full price for flights! Get ready to get student discounts on flights, and even hotels and tours. Want to get cheap student flights to Europe or Asia? Start with a student travel agency, like StudentUniverse to find discount flights. Then, keep scrolling for even more tips for finding cheap student flights. This is because travel agencies work directly with airlines to give out exclusive discounts for university students and whatnot, and sometimes up to 30% off. Plus, student travel agencies like Cit. Travel is also a resource for all kinds of travel—hotels and tours, too.

It is also encouraged to start looking early as even the saying goes—the early bird gets the worm so when it comes to cheap and affordable student international and local flights, be sure to look for your flights at least three to four months in advance, if possible. But don’t fret, at least if you start your search earlier, you would be able to get a rough idea on how much you will be spending. That way, when you see an excellent deal, you will know and by then be ready to book it.

Truth be told, travelling does not always have to break your bank. When you use these simple tricks—student discount flights and airfare, on a lookout for sales, flexible with timing and early bookings—you will find yourself saving a few hundred ringgits and by the end of the day, your dream holiday to Bali can be a reality.