How to become a welder (From zero to hero)

Today you choose to learn to be a welder, right? As a welder you need to be mentally healthy. Welding isn’t an easy job. The way you handle stress is also a big factor in deciding your welding career’s success. Here are some basic tips and useful suggestion for beginner’s welder.

Make a Research


You will need to study the various welding industries and materials they use before becoming a welder. This could help you to understand what roles and task in different welding positions best align with your skills and capabilities. In your job role, you need to be up to date with different developments in technology and equipment.



Try on doing hands-on training for the specific type of welding that you plan to pursue. Get welding training, try to join in welding class or training centers to build up your skills in welding. You can get your welding machine for hands-on training with TSIS Welding. Because they are the leading welding machine supplier in Malaysia.


Get right welding discipline


There are several welding disciplines to choose if you want to pursue a career as a welder. The most common welding machine disciplines taught in Malaysia are MIG welding, TIG welding and arc welding. Just choose the discipline you want most. You might have to pursue specific discipline to obtain specific job as a welder.

Prepare certifications


Although not all welding company require certification, some do. You may also have to pass a skills test in certain areas to qualify as a welder. For you to start your career, additional qualifications can even be required in a certain welding discipline. If your high school offers welding courses, take this opportunity to learn more about various types of welding. You may pursue further education by enrolling in welding certificate programs after you have achieved high school education.




For a welding company in Malaysia, many welders can receive higher salary with the required amount of education in welding courses. Is welding a good career? For people who like working with their hands and enjoy contributing their skills to the development of building, project or structure, they will get with many career advantages.