Why Healthy Eating Is Important For You And How To Eat Healthy

For so many businesspersons, the idea of eating healthy sounds like Mission Impossible. It is simply a task they would gladly skip.

Because many businesspersons are always on the road, it can be really tough for them to eat well. This is why so many people resort to unhealthy fast foods. Are you also like this?

You can think that healthy eating is very difficult but the reality is that eating healthy is very simple when you know what to do.

To show you that it is not as difficult as you think, we will be showing you in this article simple tips that you can implement today to change your way of eating permanently. This is not just for you. It will also work for your whole family.


Eat Organic Nuts


1. Eat Organic

Organic foods are the best foods for your body if you want to eat healthily. Organic foods are free from harmful chemicals usually present in most of the foods we eat. A lot of what goes into our mouths are lab-grown, genetically modified, or treated with chemicals.

With organic foods, you wouldn’t have to worry about what goes into making them, and you can eat good food with peace of mind.

That is why we love the organic food and the incredible people at Love Earth, Malaysia. They supply purely organic products to all their customers. All their products are naturally sourced and processed. Now, that is what we call healthy!


2. Follow The Dish Method

Remember this ratio when it comes to preparing your meals. Always try to make about half of your plate vegetables. Regarding the other two-quarters of the dish, one of them should be made up of whole grains (such as whole wheat bread, brown rice or quinoa.

Refined grains such as white rice should be limited and white bread), while the remaining quarter should contain healthy proteins (fish, poultry, nuts, and legumes, limiting red meats and meat products).


3. Avoid Buying Soft Drinks And Unhealthy Snacks

This type of “foods”, along with any other highly processed should be very far from your mouth, as they are not healthy.

Sometimes, with the excuse of “what if someone comes home, we let ourselves go and buy things that we should not buy. You have to resist the temptation of falling for these unhealthy foods.

A safer alternative is going for healthy snacks. These are so delicious you wouldn’t even know the difference. Oh, you would note just ONE difference. They are healthy!

In case you are wondering if this is possible, that is because you haven’t tried the snacks at PA Food Sdn. Bhd. They are the most awesome collections of naturally prepared snacks that are free from unhealthy chemicals.

Everything that goes into them is actually natural, which is amazing. That goes to show you that natural foods can be so delicious. Enjoy your snacks.


Weekly Meal Plan


4. Create Your Own Weekly Meal Plan

As a businessperson, you would likely be too busy every day to have time deciding what to eat and how to prepare it. That is why you need a weekly plan. Drawing a weekly meal plan ahead will help guide you on what to buy when you have time for shopping.

Instead of visiting a mall every time you need to eat, why not you try to buy organic rice online and buying a week’s worth of food in advance will help you save time. You will also be able to patiently choose the healthy food you need. When you make this weekly meal plan, make sure you stick to it.


5. Eat Healthy Oil

You must have heard a lot of oil, but it is worth mentioning here. Oil is not the enemy. The enemy is unhealthy oil. It is all in the market.

A lot of oil with high cholesterol and unhealthy trans-fat are being used in the food we buy today. This is why it is important for you to make sure you only eat healthy oil.

Another trend in the market is the appearance of these oils that are unnaturally extracted. Examples are soy oil, sunflower oil, canola oil, among others.

Instead of these, stick to naturally grown and extracted oils like the palm oil produced by Al-Khaleej. These are the kind of healthy and high-quality oil that your body recognizes and uses optimally.


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Cook Your Own Meal


6. Bring Out The Chef In You

Of course, as a businessperson, you are always busy. However, you should find time to cook your own food. This is the food you can guarantee, since you know everything that goes into it. If you already have some of the tips above in place, cooking your food shouldn’t be a problem.

Besides cooking, allow yourself to relax and enjoy your food, chewing the food well. The key is to taste the food, instead of gobbling it down.

Chew slowly and feel the food melt into liquid in your mouth. Savor the taste and enjoy your labor. Of course, your impulse would want to bite rapidly and swallow immediately. This is because of the kind of inorganic foods we are used to.

Inorganic foods have been processed so much that they can usually melt under the tongue. Natural foods have the necessary fibers that your body need. You have to chew them properly to fully unlock the nutrients in them.


7. Use Supplements

For you and your family, no one gets all the nutrition they need all the time. Sometimes, we eat different classes of food in the wrong proportion. Sometimes, we skip food because we are too busy. Then, we try to make up for the skip all at once.

Because of our irregularities, we usually find our body performing below expectation. This is why we need supplements.

There are a lot of natural supplements that allow you to make up for the deficiency in any class of nutrient. When you take the right supplement, it is just like filling the gaps left by your diet.

Just like the name, supplements are meant to supplement your diet. And if there is a name to trust when it comes to supplement, it has to be Euryka. They has a dedicated network of partners that supply highly nutritious natural products that your body will love.



As you can see, healthy eating isn’t really as tough as most people make it to be. With the tips above, you and your family will be well into a healthy diet in no time.