Future-Proof Your Child by Learning Skills

As a parent, you have to take charge of the future of your child and help our children start right.

Because the future is so challenging, parents today have no choice but to take a more active role in future-proofing their children and helping them to be future-ready and job-ready by acquiring employable and portable skills.

Parents who are concerned about making sure their children will have a secure career future should look into giving their kids a solid STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education.


Knowledge Is The Key

There are much research conducted and papers have written on the topic of how automation and robots will eliminate and create jobs in the future.

No matter what you think, what’s certain and inevitable is the fact that there will be new jobs created and existing jobs eliminated. It is a matter of urgency that people need to be adaptive and willing to change and acquire new or different skills and experience.

We often see that international school in Malaysia often has their best educational software emphasizes these future skills development, while local education is reluctant to heighten the standard.


Don’t Be Contented Where You Are

Your children need to be moving up the value chain, doing a much more complex task, doing more intellectual things, and doing more creative things.

To do advanced worth work and more complex tasks, they will have to aim for the highest possible educational level. Using proactive planning for our children’s future will help them to be future-proofed.

It can be enterprise skills (psychomotor) which are required in many jobs. They are generic skills that are transferable or portable across different jobs and are in demand by employers.

It also could be thinking skills (Cognitive) the type that Dika College in Selangor Malaysia, which includes sense-making, computational thinking, cognitive flexibility, critical thinking, complex problem solving, and judgment and decision-making.


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Child Education


The Basics

Parents and educational institutions have a great role to play from the cradle. While it is true that some children with good genes may experience spurts in rates of mental development, with good schools in Malaysia, the like of Dika College, some online educational software’s from Neurolat and with early nurturing, even those who possess the short end of the gene pool can be geniuses. Your child’s brain needs to be feed and stimulate in a conventional school environment. Using music to educate a child is also very helpful.


Cloud Computing

This is where all educational software programs is moving to. You don’t hassle to keep the software updated and secure anymore, cloud computing lets users access their favorite software packages online.

This ‘per use’ model slashes the price of most computing services. This is just the first wave of cloud computing, there will be different permutations of cloud computing that will truly leave traditional software models behind.

Cloud computing companies need employees that have a strong STEM background in software engineering and related programming. It is a good skill to future-proof your children’s career.


Mobile Computing

With mobile computing companies can reach and interact with their customers wherever they are whenever they want. This explosion in communications reach has revolutionized direct marketing and online sales.

The key to the continued evolution of mobile technology is going to be a large base of engineers. Thanks to the rapid rise of Apple iPhones, iPads, and Google Android-powered smartphones and tablets etc.

Future surfs of graduates with strong STEM backgrounds are pretty much-assured employment and rewarding careers in the fast-growing mobile computing field.