Essential Equipment for Video Conferences

In this era where video conferencing is no longer a foreign concept, we are sure that you are getting tired of hearing the same lines again. “Can you hear me?” “I cannot hear you properly” “Your voice was muddy” etc are common complaints during the standard video call.


Setting the right equipment is the most important part for any video conference call. After all, you wouldn’t want to have your speech jumbled up during an important pitching session. While working remotely is now slowly gaining traction, many people are still unaware of the hardware requirements, with many sufficing with the bare minimum. A good set up will make sure that your presentation looks professional to say the least. It conveys a message that you have put effort into and is committed to delivering a good experience.


  1. Microphone

One of the most overlooked parts of any setup is the microphone. Good quality microphones will ensure that your voice is heard with clarity whilst filtering out any ambient noise. Having a proper microphone makes sure that your ideas and opinions are heard properly. In fact, there are plenty of good microphones that do not cost a fortune. In fact, this one even doubles as a bluetooth speakerphone.


  1. Webcam

Just like microphones, people tend to use the default webcam on their laptops or phones. Of course, not all of them are bad but having a proper conferencing webcam installed will make sure that you are seen clearly by all parties and stakeholders. Emotions and body language play a big  part in presentations, and it wouldn’t work in your favor if your face is made up of a jumbled muddy pool of pixels. 


  1. A decent background

One of the more underrated aspects of web conferencing, a decent background shows just how professional you are. We are not saying that you should set up a background with proper office equipment and such, even a plain no-nonsense background is acceptable. There have been too many instances where we catch a sight of someone’s bed or cat walking by the background during a conference call. A plain wall, in fact, would suffice 90% of the time unless yours has Hello Kitty stickers plastered all over it. 


  1. Smartboards

Something a little bit different, smart boards are basically interactive touchscreens that you can use to brighten up your presentation. It allows you to project and interact with your graphics in real time. It introduces a whole new dimension to presentations with dynamic features available to help you get your message across to the right stakeholders. 


Make your video conferencing calls a pleasant experience for yourself and others by getting the right equipment for the job.