Delicious Confinement Food Delivery in PJ & KL

There’s nothing like spending your confinement days at the comfort of your own home. Yes, there are nice, cosy confinement centres out there, but nothing beats having your family with you. 

However, at this day and age, when everyone is busy with work and life, it is not easy for family members to give complete attention and care to a new mother’s needs. Mothers recovering from labour and birth need to get lots of rest and make sure that they consume healthy food that aids their recovery.

With confinement food delivery, mothers can still enjoy their confinement at home without having to worry about how they will manage their food intake during their postpartum period.

Food and Postpartum Recovery

Food plays an important role n postpartum recovery. In many traditions, there are many dos and don’ts when it comes to the meal a mother consumes during confinement. There are many scientific studies on the best postpartum recovery meal as well.

Taking into account the science and tradition of confinement meal preparation, PopoMama has drawn out a holistic program, which includes a mother’s 4-stages of postpartum recovery. Covering KL, PJ and the surrounding areas, PopoMama meal program is carefully planned to aid the healing, enhancement, recovery and strengthening of a mother’s body. 

Confinement Food Delivery in KL & PJ

Mothers in KL & PJ need not worry about their confinement meal anymore. With PopoMama, mothers can rest assured that they will have healthy and enriching confinement meal delivered to their doorstep. With more than 200 items on the menu, mothers will never get bored of their confinement meal. On top of the mains, PopoMama also serves nourishing tea and lactation cookies. On top of that PopoMama’s menu also include milk-boosting ingredients, perfect for breastfeeding mothers!

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Mothers preparing for childbirth, it is best to plan your confinement meal delivery as early as 6 to 7 months into your pregnancy. If you are in PJ, KL, or the surrounding area, get in touch with PopoMama to book your slot today!

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