Custom-made Trophies verses Pre-made Trophies

There are thousands of promotional and marketing products that can highlight an important event or occasion and enhance a company’s image and branding; the only custom-made trophies and awards can satisfactorily convey a strong message.

Awards and trophies make clear statements about achievements. Custom-made trophies and custom business awards are unique and special because they precisely fit the clients’ specific design, messaging and branding requirements; therefore the owner has emotional attachments to the award, guards it closely and fights for it vigorously.

In Malaysia, organizations use custom made awards and trophies as a great way to uniquely reinforce and communicate the organization’s event and brand positioning. The types created are endless. There is creativity, innovation, and a diversity of manufacturing practices and materials, enabling organizations to come up with designs that are ‘out of the box,’ that leaves a lasting impression and makes an immediate impact.


Which are the Types of Custom-made Awards in Malaysia?

They vary in size, shape, and materials. Examples are:

  • Crystal awards
  • Fabricated awards
  • Plaques
  • Medallions
  • Sculpture awards

Each of this makes a lasting positive impression on events, presentation, and to the recipients.


3 Reasons Why Trophies and Awards Needed

  1. We need trophies to build our confidence as we get positively reinforced in subjection to a set of performance standards and factors.
  2. We need trophies to increase individual and team motivation. If I set a target for a set of individuals and offer an award or trophy for the one who meets the target, then this will make each of them more motivated to reach the goal, this applies in all walks of life including businesses.
  3. We need trophies to build a positive learning environment, a reward for excellent performance, makes one strive to learn more and become better.


Custom-made Trophies verses Pre-made Trophies

Pre-made trophies are ready made and are also used for the same function as custom- made trophies to commemorate levels of achievement in different fields. In the same way as custom- made trophies, pre-made trophies:

  1. Keep motivation high in the workplace
  2. Show appreciation to outstanding employees who make a business a success.

The difference between the custom- made and pre-made trophies is that the latter lacks the personalization characteristic and feel on them.


4 Advantages of Custom-made Trophies over Pre-made Trophies

1. Recognition and Presentation

Custom-made awards and trophies give formal recognition and presentation. Since they are uniquely custom made. Unlike the pre-made awards, custom-made awards and trophies reinforce your brand values, image, originality, and excellence both for those who witness the achievement and the recipient.


2. Personalized Message

With the custom-made awards, there is a lasting emotional attachment that is pleasant. This is because they have a personalized message, pre-made trophies have a generalized message.


3. Fully Customizable

Custom-made trophies and awards give room for flexibility, to personalize your message that will fit your requirements, it is a powerful tool that lacks in pre-made trophies.


4. Better Performance

In terms of profitability, custom-made trophies are a more profitable investment. Employees recognized in a more personalized way are more likely to stay, it boosts their morale, productivity, and their engagement at work improves.

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