Courses at SENTRAL College Penang

About SENTRAL College Penang

Established back in 2002 as an Institute for tertiary education, SENTRAL College Penang has been awarded a College status in 2006 by the Ministry of Education. With a primary focus on developing students in line with the National Philosophy of Education, the college develops graduates that are wholesome and holistic.

In 2013, the college has moved into its current location, the 14-storey Sentral Building. Students are able to pursue a wide variety of courses here in a better environment with plenty of amenities and facilities. With an initial focus on Information Technology, students are able to acquire wholesome education with an emphasis on developing global skills. Here are some of the courses that you can study in SENTRAL College Penang.


1. Certificate in Information Technology

As business evolve to adopt a more online approach, digital skills are now more valuable than ever. This Certificate in IT will equip students with the fundamental knowledge on both IT and Business. Students will learn about integrating both IT and Business elements for a more integrated approach. This certificate will be a good stepping stone for students to further their studies in the related fields.


2. Foundation in Business Management

The Foundation in Business Management adopts an integrated curricular structure. Students are given the necessary academic preparation before entering most Bachelor courses in the Social Science field. Graduates of the programme will have a strong foundation in business knowledge while having the skills to cope with modern global demands. Innovative and creative thinking are highly promoted as well as problem solving skills.


3. Bachelor in Tourism Management

Tourism is now one of the largest and fastest growing industries worldwide. Malaysia welcomes a steady stream of visitors on a yearly basis. This is a tour guide course in Penang which equips graduates with the skills and knowledge needed to apply for jobs in the tourism and hospitality industry. From executive to managerial positions, graduates acquire skills that allow them to be competitive and create an impact in the tourism industry.


4. Diploma in Early Childhood Education

If you have a passion with children, and would like to have a hand in nurturing the next generation, this Diploma is for you. For preschool teachers and caretakers, this course can serve to also upgrade your academic qualification. A practical approach combines both pedagogy and hands-on experience allows graduates to nurture children for primary education.