Comfortable and Luxurious Stay at The Suitel D’Latour, Bandar Sunway Malaysia

The Suitel D’Latour is locating at Bandar Sunway, Malaysia. To get the most amazing experience during your vacations or work, you have to check out this place. It is like a homestay in Bandar Sunway for you when you are in Malaysia. The facilities are amazing with providing complete comfort the guests.

There is no compromise in providing executive services to the guests when they check in this hotel. It is the most preferred choice for the people who visit Malaysia.


Accommodation at The Suitel D’Latour

There are various kinds of accommodations which you can book such as the Duplex suite which provides the facilities to the families. There are family rooms with amenities of modern design.

The design of the suite is contemporary with 2 queen size bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 1 single bedroom. All of the rooms and bathrooms have the basic facilities within the unit.

Another amazing accommodation is the Pent House which is best for eight guests at one time. There are spacious rooms within this penthouse along with the elegant appeal.

It comes with 4 queen size bedrooms with having attached bathroom with each. All of the rooms have facilities for the people so that they do not have any hassle of staying there.


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The Suitel D Latour - Room Design


Home Away from Home

The Suitel D’Latour is an amazing place to get the facilities which you are looking for when you are away from your house. Spend your vacations at a place which makes you feel like you are being treated well. It provides a peaceful environment along with shopping and entertainment centers nearby.

You can walk a few miles to access the entertainment hubs to enjoy your vacations. There are uncountable amenities for you along with visiting the popular Klang Valley of Malaysia.

There are many reasons to stay at The Suitel D’Latour as it provides you enjoyable stay along with privacy which you need with your family during the vacation.

No one disturbs you whether you are there for a long or short stay. You can definitely have fun within the hotel or outside as there are multiple places to visit near this hotel. The attractions near this place do not let you get bored.

While enjoying the beautiful view of the Bandar Sunway, take a hot cup of tea or coffee to have a great start. If you haven’t decided yet about what should be your accommodation place near Bandar Sunway, then do check out the facilities and rooms at The Suitel D’Latour, or call their helpline for detailed information.

They will remove your worries and ease your mind by offering a great place as accommodation. You can relax and have fun both at the same time when you are staying The Suitel D’Latour Hotel.

You can get the top-notch services and facilities which is not far away from the Sunway Lagoon. Spend time with your family at the Jacuzzi seats to unwind the real beauty of Malaysia.

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