Coconut Sugar Is Much Better Than Regular Sugar. Here’s Why.


Known as the better alternative to the usual refined sugar, coconut sugar in Malaysia has been seemingly the popular choice for many. Coconut sugar or also known as coco sap sugar is the dehydrated and boiled sap of the coconut palm.


For those who are especially a bit more health conscious with their daily meals, coconut sugar has easily caught their attention due to its low fructose content and low glycemic index. Coconut sugar or coco sap sugar in Malaysia also contains traces of some minerals and antioxidants as compared to regular white sugar.


Another interesting factor that allows the coconut sugar manufacturers in Malaysia to boom in their business today especially over other sweeteners is that it is not refined or chemically altered and contains no artificial ingredients or synthetic substances. Easily mistaken as a direct derivative of coconut, but actually coconut sugar is the boiled and dehydrated sap of the coconut palm which is then collected in a container. Basically, coconut sugar looks and tastes a lot like clumped brown sugar but with a tinge of caramel which makes it the perfect natural sweetener in all your baking and cooking.


So if you are still hesitant in switching to coconut sugar, then here are some amazing benefits that may convince you to finally ditch refined sugar:


According to Meher Rajput, Dietitian and Nutritionist at FitPass, the glycemic index (GI) that coconut sugar contains is relatively low as it ranks just 35 as opposed to the regular sugar found on tables which often ranks between 60 to 65. When your food has a high GI, it can cause a sudden dangerous spike to your blood sugar which will take a toll on your insulin levels. 


Another benefit of coconut sugar in Malaysia is the fact that it is relatively high in nutrients compared to the regular sugar. Coconut sap sugar contains roughly 16 calories and four grams of carbohydrates per teaspoon, as well as it being higher on antioxidants, iron, calcium and potassium. Although coconut sugar may not reduce your calorie intake, opting for regular sugar is considered empty-calorie as it doesn’t have nutrients.


One more reason why coconut sugar manufacturers are doing well today is due to the fact they comprehend how coconut sugar has less fructose than regular sugar. Fructose a type of sugar which can be swiftly converted into fats by our body which isn’t easily broken down. Fortunately, coconut sugar has 70-75% of sucrose and roughly 20-30% of fructose unlike white sugar.


There you have it! We hope these benefits may convince you to start consuming and cooking food that only uses coconut sugar. You can get your supply from Malaysia’s leading coconut sugar manufacturer Kithin today!