Cybersecurity threat is escalating in both volume and sophistication, more so with the world’s increasing reliance on information technology. The demand for cybersecurity professionals is increasing in parallel with the threat, however, studies show that cybersecurity skills shortage has been worsening over the years. 

The Malaysian Story

In Malaysia, cybersecurity is gaining traction with many IT Training Centres offering popular courses and certifications such as Comptia Security+. Comptia IT Security+ course covers the subject of cybersecurity in depth. It will help you explore the subject of vulnerabilities, threats, and attacks, the technology and tools related to security, the architecture and design as well as cryptography.   

Obtaining the Comptia Security+ IT certification will prepare you to secure and diagnose security threats and troubleshoot if there’s any security breach. You will learn about the different types of malware and indicators of security compromise as well as on how to install and configure both the hardware and software-based network components. You will also gain a deeper understanding of risk management and cybersecurity forensics processes and components. 

Going Macro

On a more macro scale, Comptia’s IT course will give you the ability to explain the importance of organisational security policies, plans, procedures and security controls to your management and draw a solid disaster recovery and operation continuity plans.

Comptia Security+

Comptia Security+ not only provides theoretical knowledge to candidates but also covers the practical aspects of cybersecurity. The trainers are aware of organisational needs and requirements and give real-life examples and case studies during the training sessions. 

Comptia  IT courses are one of the hottest IT courses in Malaysia. Get yourself certified and discover bigger opportunities in the field of cybersecurity. Get your Comptia Security+ certification from the best IT training centre in Malaysia and catapult your career upwards!