Who Is The Best Vegetarian Food Catering Company in Malaysia?

Vegetarian food catering is quickly becoming a big trend across the world, especially Western countries. In the past few years, vegetarian food has become a huge staple for everyone, and not only just vegans. Right now, if you are searching for a buffet catering service in Malaysia that serves good vegetarian food, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading below to learn more. 


The Best Vegetarian Corporate Catering Service

PichaEats is our preferred restaurant as we believe they provide one of the best vegetarian food catering dishes in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their specialty lies in the cuisines that they serve, that is Middle-Eastern food. 

As such, buffet catering services like the dishes served at PichaEats are hard to find in Malaysia. Their chefs are from all over the world, particularly from Palestine, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Maidan Wardak and more. At their company, PichaEats serves lightbites, desserts, Middle Eastern delights, frozen food, corporate meals and many more dishes for their customers. This is a good choice for many people, and they make it more convenient for their customers by offering corporate and home delivery services. 

Just to name a few, PichaEats’ caterer food menu consists of Middle Eastern dishes including: special basmati rice, chicken gulai, hummus, mandi rice, chicken shawarma wrap, falafel, kabsa rice and more. So, due to the huge variety of Middle Eastern food, this makes PichaEats the best buffet catering service in Malaysia. To find out more about their corporate catering service, you can click the previous link to visit their website today. 


Contact PichaEats for Buffet Catering Service!

If you are interested to contact PichaEats, you can click to visit their website in the above link, or  you can click here to view their caterer food menu in more detail.