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Best Home Kitchenware Malaysia

Best Home Kitchenware Malaysia

Kitchenware is an essential home item that needs to be looked after. When you decide to have a new kitchen or dining area, you will need the right kitchenware to effectively cater to your household needs. A price guide will help you figure out where to start when looking for your kitchenware. Here is a curated list of the home kitchenware Malaysia from Milux that will fit any home.

Cooker Hoods

When it comes to cooking, a cooker hood is definitely home kitchenware that will improve your kitchen experience. There are two main profiles of kitchen hoods; the chimney model and slim model hoods.

Chimney Cooker Hoods

Chimney Cooker Hoods are a type of cooker hoods that most of us are familiar with. They are commonly seen in most households and condominium units that accommodate 4 people. Here are two models of chimney cooker hoods.

Milux Wave Cooker Hood MHC-S9133

Best Cooker Hood Malaysia featuring the Milux MHC-S9133 cooker hood.

The Milux MHCS9133 Cooker Hood Chimney Model.

This stainless steel chimney hood features steel functionality that comes pre-assembled for ease of installation. It has 304 Watts of power with a suction power of 1200 m³/hr. Perfect for the household that cooks often.

Milux THE90-U

The Milux THE90U Slim Hood Cooker Hood. Get the best cooker hood Malaysia from Milux.

The Milux THE90U Slim Hood Cooker Hood.

This slim hood cooker model is more suitable for smaller living spaces such as apartment spaces accommodating 2 or more residents.

Cooker Hobs

A cooker hob is one of the most essential cooking tools in the home. Just like cooker hobs, different households require different cooker hobs to cater to their cooking needs. Here are two models to consider:

Milux MGH-2PFT

Check out Milux for cooker hob and cooking stove Malaysia.

The Mlux MGH2PFT Cooker Hob

The MGH-2PFT features a robust design. It has 2 Burners battery ignition and a double jet system. Perfect for any conventional cooking use.

Milux MGH-966F

Get the best cooker hobs from Milux, featuring the build\t-in MGH-966F

The Milux MGH966F Cooker Hob

This cooking hob can be cut out to adjust to your kitchen space. It features 2 batteries with a battery ignition system and has a flame output of 4.2kW.

If any one of these products caught your eye, head over to Milux’s catalogue of home kitchenware Malaysia and do not hesitate to inquire more about these products!

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