Benefits of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Have you ever heard of extra virgin coconut oil before? Extracted from coconut meat, extra virgin coconut oil has been more popular over the years as many people have started to learn about the importance of extra virgin coconut oil and its benefits for our health. Besides, there are also various brands that offer organic virgin coconut oil such as Love Earth which come at different volumes and prices.

However, you must remember that all extra virgin coconut oil is not the same from one to another. Some contain additional chemicals and preservatives, and some only use 100% organic extra virgin coconut oil in the ingredient. Hence, before you buy any extra virgin coconut oil in the market, you need to make sure that you are buying the right one which has the best quality and is beneficial for your health!


Most of us are aware that extra virgin coconut oil is very famous for its benefits and advantages. If you’re using extra virgin coconut oil in your cooking, it is definitely the best choice as it is much healthier than the typical cooking oil. But these days, extra virgin coconut oil is no longer mainly used in cooking, but also for drinks, beauty purposes, health supplements and many more. 

With the existence of extra virgin coconut oil in Malaysia, it will surely help you in strengthening your immune system, improve bone strength and help to control your blood sugar levels. Besides, extra virgin coconut oil can lower protein loss, able to nutrify your hair and also helps to improve the skin. No wonder there are a lot of beauty gurus on YouTube really love to use this oil for both their hair and skin!

Do you know that this organic coconut oil is also very helpful to fight bacteria and avoid inflammation? You can take this oil as a health supplement where you can take one tablespoon per day! Adding this oil to your drinks like coffee and tea sounds like a great idea too as it can add additional benefit to your health.

As Love Earth, Malaysia’s leading health food company offers the best organic virgin coconut oil, this product contains 100% extra virgin coconut oil without the presence of chemicals and preservatives. You do not have to worry about anything about this product as it is totally organic and is not harmful at all.

Get your extra virgin coconut oil from Love Earth today, a healthy food company based in Malaysia that will help you improve your health for a better life.